Power consumption, reduce electricity bill

Less is consuming energy when you have knowledge of own consumption of light? According to the results of a test conducted in 100 households, significant differences are shown as a function of families continue or close the status of their consumption and stresses that the contribution of information is much more effective than one that is neutral, that has no comparison with the consumption of other households.

Can you reduce the consumption of light and perennial permanently without feeling back to the era of enlightenment through the candles? Are we able to identify the most voracious consumer devices are and are willing to change our habits? The consumption of light still seems something invisible in many households usually unaware of the sources of over consumption and poorly informed about the impact of their individual effort and contribution in this field.

A group of researchers has piloted an original experience in a period of one year in order to measure the real impact on households if they are informed about their consumption of light.

To do this, researchers have formed different groups of families, two groups equipped with different technical instruments such as smart meters or sensors, in order to inform them of their consumption power, and another group without equipment.

The two groups had furnished detailed information about your daily intake, and also information based on the nature of household equipment.

The result: for all households that participated in the project, the researchers could observe major differences at the level of consumption practices. They also found significant differences in consumption depending on the presence or absence of information.

Indeed, during the observation period, consumption of groups with equipment, it was 23% lower in relation to the initial level of consumption power.

Another finding, even within groups equipped, it appears that the group received information further consumed less than the other group, which shows that the contribution of information is significant and helps to reduce the consumption of light.

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