Harnessing Solar Energy

As we all know, at this point, what are the consequences of using fossil fuels like oil. A thousand times we have heard, the greenhouse effect caused by excessive carbon dioxide in the atmosphere that causes the worrying global warming and the eventual melting of the poles, acid rain falling in nearby industrial zones fields, destroying , soil, fauna and flora of our planet.

Also the smog, the fog covering the big cities caused by the combination of flue gas emissions, with some other natural phenomena, such as temperature inversions, humidity and solar radiation, is one of the terrible consequences of using hydrocarbons.

In short, it is well known that if we continue emitting gases into our atmosphere undesirable consequences will soon be irreparable.

None of us can wield ignorance to remain inactive before the destruction of our planet and our health and our children. All we know for sure that the way oil flows slowly toward catastrophe, so the solar energy is the best alternative.

Solar energy Many environmental groups are trying to pressure states to force oil companies to take drastic measures. But this is a task more arduous.

Do not forget that in the hands of these multinationals are nations and our own lives, They give us energy bulbs, for heating, for the computer, washing machine, dishwasher, the elevator car and to the toothbrush.

And do not forget that oil is a very economical energy source, while this is profitable citizens can forget completely that states bet on renewable energies are more expensive and in which they must invest a lot of money to advertise.

From the above, we draw the consequence is that we can not expect other support for our planet, for our lives and for our children. If each of us does not act, no one will act.

So we brought to this space solar power. Among the renewable energies, such as wind, the waves, the difference from the sea temperatures, tides, etc., solar is the easiest to use ..

At this point it is possible to install any of us at home a solar panel to provide the energy needed to run our appliances and our way of life is not altered at all, while we eliminate the emission of toxic gases the atmosphere there and companies engaged in retail sales of plates for our house. Many citizens have already opted for this clean power mode. We have no excuse for. It depends on our own decision.

Catalan environmental groups, are now struggling to take a second step that is simply that the law is enforced. In Spain now, the law requires power companies to pay for electricity that these solar panels produce excess private buildings and added to the network to which all households are connected.

Thus, the fact of having a solar panel in our own home plus we provide affordable and clean energy, extra income.

This would be a compelling reason to launch the undecided to the world of solar energy. However there are still some problems when this fact becomes effective. Of course power are contrary to it and pressed to put obstacles in the advancement of solar energy.

We have no excuse. We have the means. The initial outlay is quickly amortized, even in a small apartment we can install our plate. We can only push so that we can also get an economic benefit from it.

Now you can not stay stopped. Very close to you there is an environmental group that can help. All you have to do is ask.

Your question can save our planet. The solar energy will save the planet.

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