Points to Consider before Buying a Freestanding Bathtub

You’ve seen them in movies, looked at them in magazines, but have you ever considered buying a freestanding bathtub for your own home? This type of bath adds a touch of class to any bathroom decor. Whether you choose a model with claw feet, a roll top style, or a more contemporary style, a freestanding bath can be just the element of design that your bathroom needs to appear more modern. Let’s review some questions that you should ask before you actually buy your freestanding bathtub.

  1. Freestanding baths are an excellent focal point for any bathroom remodelling project. As you make your decision about the exact style of bath you would like, consider how easy it will be to clean, what type of finish you prefer, and how long the guarantee is that comes with bath. You may also want to ask your supplier about how easily the tub can be repaired if it gets damaged.
  2. By visiting the website you can review the specifications of various baths, read about the materials from which they are constructed, and whether or not they meet both EN and CE standards, if they’re made from acrylic. Be sure to check the size of the baths available, how much water they hold, and if taps are included or not.
  3. Where will you place your freestanding bathtub? Will you have to modify your current plumbing and electrical systems to accommodate it? These are important points to think about because of the added costs involved. If your budget allows for these modifications, you can then begin to see which bathtub suits your personal preferences best.
  4. Who will be using the freestanding bath and what is their body weight? If you choose a cast iron tub, make sure that your flooring system can handle the added weight of the tub combined with the person in the tub, and the water. Ask your supplier about standard sizes of freestanding baths and the estimated weight of the entire bath once it’s filled with water. You can then shore up your flooring to accommodate your new bath, if necessary. You can also get their recommendation for the right size of bath based upon your own weight and height, and those of your family who will be using the bath.
  5. Finally, you should consider how long the installation will take. If you need to have an old bath removed and plumbing and electrical changes made, your project may take a little longer. If you need to have work done on your bathroom floor, in order to accommodate the new bath, you will probably be without a bath for a few days. It’s best to ask all tradesmen involved for an estimate of the time required to do the preparation work in your bathroom for installation of your new bath. The supplier can tell you the timeframe for installing the new bath itself after preparations have been made to accommodate its weight and size.



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