The Top Considerations to Think about when it Comes to Installing a Bath in Your Bathroom

We all enjoy a hot soak in the bathtub, especially at the end of the day or the end of the working week – it’s not just about being clean, but about having some well-deserved relaxation at the end of a long and tiring day or week as well. But a bath should not just be considered a fixture in the bathroom – rather, it should be considered an investment. A bath should bring great pleasure and have a long life as well. Here, then, is a list of top considerations you should think about before installing a bath in your bathroom:

Think about the size

A bath that is not big enough will be uncomfortable and take away the joy of unwinding, but, on the other hand, a bath that is too big tends to waste water and may require regular refilling with hot water as well. What you can do is this: before choosing a bath, have the biggest member of your family lie down in the bath to see whether it fits.

Furthermore, take careful measurements of your bathroom. It’s better to buy a bath that’s slightly too small rather than be stuck with a bath that doesn’t fit. Remember the carpenter’s golden rule: measure twice, cut once.

Material matters

Visit many bath suppliers and inspect their materials before deciding on one. Acrylic baths are moulded and easily installed and come in many different styles and shapes. They are also lightweight, but tend to be a bit more expensive. Cultured marble comes in various colours which gives it that sleek, stylish look, but require more maintenance and could scratch easily. Carron baths are a great choice as well. Consider how often the bath will be used before choosing a material.

Consider style

Opting for a freestanding bath offers a lot of versatility and doesn’t require special tap drilling. Roll-top baths, however, have a curved rim around the entire unit and are the most common. There’s also the option of an alcove design, with straight lines along the edge – and corner baths save space and could be installed diagonally to create a more open feel. Will you require a showerhead? Each has its advantages and disadvantages, and it pays to draw a floor plan of your bathroom first to see which fits best in your home.

Extra features

Looking for that extra comfort and style? Don’t forget about Roman baths, whirlpools, Japanese tubs, or even a customised bath. What about grab bars? Would you like stylish taps, and tiles at the side? How about bath panels? You can purchase Carron bath panels which are not only elegant and durable, but very practical as well.

Bath tubs come in all shapes and sizes, have different price ranges, and may offer various features – finding a bath that fits perfectly into your home is something that should be considered with care. You and your family are sure to enjoy many hours relaxing when you find the perfect one.


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