Going Green: 5 Reasons It Can Benefit You and Your Household

Thinking about adapting a more sustainable lifestyle? If so, one of the best places to start is with green living. By reducing your carbon footprint, you will not only be doing your part to preserve the Earth’s natural resources, but you can also benefit personally. Those who have practiced green living can ideally see an improvement in their finances as well as their health. Below is a better understanding of the advantages that come with going green.

  1. Increases Property Value

Did you know that certain green improvements around the house could increase the value of your property? Research has shown that buyers will pay more for a home that is eco-friendly. From small improvements like installing energy saving shower heads and faucets to larger improvements like kitchen or bathroom remodels, you can significantly increase the amount your home is appraised for.

  1. Save on the Energy Bill

Are you tired of high energy bills every month? Establishing green practices in the home can save you a considerable amount of cash. Something as simple as changing to more energy efficient light bulbs could save you as much as 15% on your energy costs. Other options for saving money on your energy bill include selecting an energy provider that offers green alternatives such as renewable energy plans. Sites such as make it easy to make the switch by comparing energy retailers in your area.

  1. Save on the Water Bill

Water conservation is another form of green living that can help the environment and save you money. According to this article, depending on the size of your family, the toilet could be the biggest water guzzler in the home. Old toilets can actually use about 3-5 gallons of water with each flush. Installing an energy efficient toilet could easily save you 2-4 gallons per flush. Other options for saving on the water bill might include a water conserving showerhead. Taking a 5-10 minute shower as opposed to a 15-30 minute shower can make a huge difference in the amount of water consumed on the monthly basis.

  1. Improve Your Health

By doing your part to establish green practices in the home you can also improve your health. The fewer harsh chemicals and pollutants that are used in the home the better it is for your family. Using green cleaning products for instance ensures that the chemicals don’t get into the skin causing irritation. Chemical free paints on the wall could protect your family from toxic exposure, while fewer chemicals in the air make for a better breathing environment.

  1. Improved Productivity

Did you know that poor air quality could be slowing down your ability to be productive? Carbon dioxide along with volatile organic compounds found in paint, furniture, flooring can all be attributed to poor air quality. The more concentrated a home is with these pollutants, the harder it is for you to think clearly. Purifying your residence with green practices like minimizing chemical exposure, investing in an air purifier, cleaning the lint trap, replacing air filters, and so on can greatly improve the quality of air and thus improve your cognitive thinking.

This is just a brief synopsis of what going green does for the environment, your home, and your family. By doing the right thing and making an effort to turn to more sustainable living you will slowly begin to see each of the above discussed benefits manifest in your life. Start small and begin adapting green habits around your home. Something as simple as switching light bulbs or recycling can go a long way in improving the lives of many.

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