How Using a Ceiling Fan Can Reduce Energy Costs



Are you interested in ways to save on your yearly heating and cooling cost and be more energy efficient?

Keeping up on the maintenance of your air conditioner and furnace will definitely land you the best results in performance from them. Perhaps though, you are looking for more ways to get additional performance out of your HVAC system that does not necessarily have to do with the units themselves. The Lancaster HVAC experts at Lancaster Heating & Air have something to share that is simple and will more than likely help lower your cost this year.

With the ever changing weather heating and cooling Lancaster Ohio is no joke. Ceiling fans are a great improvement to your home that will cut energy cost and help you start saving. A ceiling fan does not use more power than your typical light bulb and is a key factor in helping you in your utility savings through the year. These not only provide benefits in the summer but also in the winter as well.

Summer Benefits

Having your fan run specifically in a counter-clock-wise motion in the hot months helps generate energy savings. Ceiling fans do not drop the temperature of the room, but they do at the feeling of the room being cooler by circulating the cool air around. If it is a rather nice day outside and the air temperature outside feels nice, try turning off your air conditioner and opening some windows while the ceiling fan is running. The fan will help circulate the warm are outside, making the room temp feel up to 7-9 degrees cooler inside. This helps some reduce their utility bill in the summer months by over 42%.

Winter Benefits

Now on the contrary from the summer time, runner your ceiling fan in the opposite direction in a clockwise motion can reduce heating cost by over 11%. No matter what the season is, we can all agree that we know one thing, heat and warm air rises upwards. Specifically in our homes and offices, this warm air is hanging out in the ceiling area. Running the fan in the clockwise direction, helps push the warm air against the ceiling and down the walls, in return helping recirculate the warm air throughout the room without creating cold drafts.

Efficiently Using a Ceiling Fan

The next tip we offer is to invest in an Energy Star fan; these fans circulate about 14% more air compared to your standard fan. They are also over 50% more energy efficient when comparing to a 150 watt bulb. Now with all of this said, for the best results from using the ceiling fans it is recommended that you have them installed throughout your home. Ceiling fans offer an affordable way to cut your energy cost for the whole year. Depending on the look and model that you go for when purchasing a new ceiling fan, the savings could easily be made up over a few months of using them correctly.

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