Why Perfect Repairs Always Rely On Perfect Measurements


When it comes to making something, repairing something or doing something that involves measurements, making sure you get the correct measurement is crucial, otherwise you could end up with at best, something that does not fit, at worst, major consequences from something not working correctly.

When it comes to measuring instruments, from the trusted tape measure through to a sophisticated and expensive laser level, measurements have to be 100% perfect and bang on the money, as being just a few MM out on a measurement can cause major issues, from both a financial and an emotional point of view.

So, what if you get it wrong?

It Costs You Money

Mistakes generally cost money, especially if they are major mistakes, as not only do you have to incur the costs of putting everything right, you may well have to get a trade professional in to do the job for you, which only increases costs that you maybe did not really envisage having when you started the project. The other aspect in terms of mistakes is when you are completing a job for someone else and your mistakes cost them money and time and potentially cause them embarrassment, they may well decide to pay you less (if at all), or seek to recover this in terms of costs via legal proceedings.

It Costs You Time

As we mention above, mistakes do not always cost money but they can cost time, and if you are back to back with work and really do not have room in your calendar for things to slip, then mistakes can prove very costly. When you work out how long a job will take you may well build in time for problems occurring, but if you can avoid making errors due to incorrect measurements, it means the project can be completed on time, first time, removing the need for delays that might not only cost your time, but of course cost you money as well.

It Can Delay Ongoing Projects

When running your own building company, bathroom installation company or carpentry workshop, or indeed any business that builds or make things, you will know that one mistake can delay a whole wealth of other projects, and indeed the project you are currently working on. It can stop you moving on to the next project, or it can stop you moving onto the next task within this project, so the delays mistakes can cause can be endless. Projects overrun, payments get delayed and your employees get stuck on the same job, which from a time and financial aspect is just bad news.

It Causes Stress

Mistakes that cost money and time cause stress, no matter how relaxed and laid back you are, as a mistake can weigh on your mind and this will lead to a stressful life, so avoiding them by making sure you use quality measuring tools is well worth it, both for financial reasons and emotional / health reasons. Running your own business or completing your own DIY task is stressful enough, without having to fight back from errors and mistakes, which means getting things right the first time will leave you feeling good, rather than angry, upset and very, very down in the dumps!

It Can Cause The Job To Never End

Our final point is that sometimes, you just make a mistake, move onto something else, and the job just never gets finished and is added back onto the “to do” list, the list that just really never ends, or gets much attention. The main issue with DIY is that you are doing it in your own time, when you have time, so with work, family and any other things you need to be thinking about, working through your DIY list never happens. But, if you get it right first time by making sure you have the right measurements, the job gets done, the item is removed from the list and you can then maybe have a sneaky beer or watch some well-earned TV!

This article was based on an interview with Ian Johnson – owner of The Tape Store, the UK’s dedicated measuring equipment supplier, stocking thousands of products for both domestic and trade customers.

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