Could LPG be the right choice for your forklifts?

Whether you’re in charge of a warehouse, factory or retail unit, you might rely on forklifts to perform a range of crucial tasks. There are a plethora of these vehicles to choose from, including models powered by liquid petroleum gas (LPG), electricity and diesel. These three options each have their advantages, but if you’re looking for a cost-effective, convenient solution, LPG could be your best bet. Here are just some of the advantages of gas-powered forklifts.


A green option

As it states on the website of LPG specialists www.flogas.co.uk, this form of fuel produces less CO2 than diesel, making it a greener option. This could be high up on your list of purchasing priorities. After all, companies are under increasing pressure to demonstrate their environmental credentials, and using more eco-friendly vehicles is a good way to show that you take your responsibilities in this area seriously.

On a related point, LPG is cleaner to use than diesel in the workplace. Unlike diesel, it doesn’t leave a soot residue over products and equipment and it produces fewer potentially harmful particles. Vehicles powered by this fuel emit less noise pollution too. This may be especially important if your premises are located in a built-up area.

Reduced upfront costs

LPG-powered trucks also tend to be cheaper to buy than other models. Unlike electric forklifts, they don’t require any batteries or recharging equipment, which can set companies back a tidy sum. They are also typically less costly than diesel vehicles. So, if you’re keen to keep your spending down, LPG may be the perfect solution.

Convenient to use

Electric trucks have to be recharged on a regular basis, and this takes time. Unless you can afford to have surplus trucks to use during re-charging spells, this could result in unproductive downtime for your firm. Like diesel models, LPG vehicles can be refuelled quickly and easily, meaning they can carry on working around the clock.

They are also powerful. In fact, the performance of these forklifts often exceeds those of their diesel and electric equivalents. The reason for this is that they benefit from more responsive engines and a better power to weight ratio.

In addition, LPG-fuelled trucks can be used both inside your premises and outside. This is in contrast to electric models, which aren’t suitable for prolonged outdoor use, and diesel vehicles, which can’t operate indoors. This added versatility means they are a good all-round option and it can make life easier for your personnel, who won’t need to switch between different vehicles depending on whether they’re inside or outside.

LPG forklifts may not suit all companies, but they are ideal for many businesses and they’re well worth checking out if you’re looking to invest in new vehicles.

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