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Your Definitive Guide to Keeping Your Steam Shower Clean and Spotless

A steam shower is a great installation as it gives you the benefit of steam and the advantages of a common shower both at the same time. Unlike a normal shower, though, you are able to surround the body with steam and receive all the physical and mental benefits it offers. Due to this feature – that the body is surrounded and the cubicle filled with steam – the steam shower is different, and this also means that cleaning and maintaining it is a bit different from the traditional shower. So what exactly do you have to watch out for when keeping the steam shower in proper condition? How do you go about it? Here is your definitive guide to keeping your steam shower clean and spotless.

shower cleaner

Calcium is found in water and can often become a serious hassle. More often than not, it becomes the culprit of clogged shower heads or steam nozzles. Every drop of water contains a little bit of calcium, and whilst the water evaporates and turns to steam, the calcium sticks to the surface and tends to build up. It appears as a white, chalky substance.

A good calcium remover is necessary for optimum upkeep. Periodically let the calcium remover set on the shower’s sensitive places before giving it a little scrub and letting the water run through.


Much of the dirt and grime that gets stuck and left over in the shower comes from soap scum, grease, and body oils. This is the usual problem in the traditional shower, but it also occurs in the steam shower. Like the traditional shower, the steam shower needs a good scrubbing with detergent now and again. Oil-free detergents work better on glass and tiles.

Power push

Many steam showers come with the Power Push feature – a system that, when activated, cleans the steam shower by itself. Basically, activating the system ensures that the steam shower flushes itself out. You should find the button or lever on the back of the unit for activation – but always consult your manual first.

Tire cleaning

Your steam shower cubicle could contain metal – it’s often used on the door frame, on the shower head, or the steam nozzles. This metal can get tainted, although it’s easy enough to remove this with the appropriate polish.

Every type of shower needs regular cleaning and maintenance, whether the shower uses a typical shower head or steam to provide you with your luxury; but the game changes a little depending on which you prefer to use. Unlike flowing water, steam often rises to the top of the cubicle so along with different techniques to be used, different areas need to be inspected and handled. By following the above tips, you’re sure to enjoy that steam shower for a very long time.

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