Troubleshooting Your Plumbing Problems

Plumbing problems are pretty much an inevitable part of owning a home, but that doesn’t make them any less annoying. When they are small problems, they can be merely inconvenient. But if you have a legitimate plumbing emergency, it can be quite gross and quite expensive. Luckily, plumbing catastrophes are normally preceded by smaller problems that are symptoms of a bigger problem in the making. If you know what to look for, you can differentiate inconveniences from catastrophes.

Drain Blockages

Drain blockages can be either inconveniences or catastrophes. The difference is usually pretty apparent, though. If only one drain is blocked, you are probably just experiencing an inconvenience. You should attempt to clear the blockage with liquid rooter that is rated safe by trusted tradespeople. Follow the instructions of the tradespeople for how to apply the liquid rooter. If that doesn’t work, snake the drain with an actual rooter. These are flexible devices that grab clogs and remove them. If this doesn’t work, then you definitely need to call a professional tradesperson to help you.

If you need a trusted professional tradesperson, you should look at a resource such as the TrustATrader Group. They will provide you with contact information for properly reviewed and vetted tradespeople certified to do honest and trusted work. A plumber from one of these resources can help you unclog your drain.

If you have multiple drain blockages, you should immediately call a professional plumber. Multiple blockages means you likely have a block further down the sewer main, which can only be remedied by a professional.

Toilet Won’t Stop Running

If your toilet won’t stop running, you could have one of several different problems. You should open the back of the toilet and check to see if the chain is connected to the stopper. If the chain on the swingarm is connected to the stopper, check to make sure the stopper is forming a quality seal. If the toilet stopper isn’t making a good seal, you should apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to the edge of the stopper. This is just a temporary fix, though. You should immediately go buy a new rubber stopper. If none of these is the issue, you have a problem with something else in your plumbing. You should consult with a professional plumber to help you figure out your issue. It could be something as simple as tightening the handle on your toilet.

Bubbling Fixtures

Bubbling fixtures are a sign of a serious problem with your pipes that you probably won’t be able to fix alone. If you turn on your bathroom faucet and the water in the toilet bubbles or if the shower causes the sink to gargle, you could have a problem with your main line. A problem with your water main could turn into a serious problem very quickly. If you feel qualified, you should turn off the water to your main and then snake it to clear any kind of blockage. A liquid rooter might also work as well. If you don’t feel qualified to clear your own main, call a qualified professional.

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