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How to Properly and Easily Clean Construction Machinery and Equipment

It’s a fact that cleaning your construction equipment after every use is important – maintaining the equipment properly, and avoiding problems by noticing potential issues before they arise, will drastically increase not only the lifespan of the machinery, but also significantly increase the quality and quantity of work that is delivered and accomplished by the machinery. However, cleaning your construction equipment needs to be done with care, too. You need to use the right cleaning tools and materials, and organise it in such a way that the cleaning is done quickly and efficiently. Here’s how to properly and easily clean construction machinery and equipment.

Check your pressure washer

High pressure washers are very handy and make quick work of removing grease and stains of mud. However, they can also be damaging to the equipment or machinery if they are set up in the wrong way. Make sure the pressure of the jet of water (measure in PSI) is not too high. Check the manufacturer’s guidelines of the machinery or equipment before applying a high pressure washer.

Prepare your machine and equipment

Your machine or equipment is going to get wet, possibly with lots of soap or degreaser as well. Make sure that any area that has to stay dry is covered and adequately protected. Also make sure that any electrical wiring is covered and protected to prevent damage and for the safety of the person cleaning and using the equipment or machinery.

Consider hot water

When you use hot water, clumps of mud and other dirt will break down easier – when you use hot water, the job tends to be done much quicker. However, be careful – if the water is too hot, there is danger of burning or scalding; both the machinery or equipment and the user or person washing the machinery is at risk.

Pay attention to movable parts

Movable parts should always be kept as clean as possible, otherwise the dirt will hamper free movement, or the machine will have to labour more to get the same job done. In other words, a dirty machine becomes less efficient. Pay special attention to moving parts – dismantle and clean them, if necessary.

It may seem complicated, but cleaning machinery and equipment really isn’t as difficult or tedious as it seems to be. However, it’s always an advantage if the person cleaning the equipment or machine is either the user, or a mechanic who is also responsible for the maintenance and repair – you can save a lot of time if regular checks and maintenance tasks are performed during or right after the cleaning, as plant hire Chorley experts Ruttle attest. The cleaning of equipment is an excellent opportunity to check for wear and tear as well.


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