What Carpet Cleaning Supplies Do You Need for Nylon Carpet?

Quite a few carpet owners prefer nylon rugs over wool. It’s affordable, yet the synthetic fiber is resistant to direct sunlight so they can be used on your patio. They’re resistant to moisture too, which makes nylon one of the best materials for your bathroom carpet. And it’s also easy to clean, as long as you have the proper carpet cleaning supplies available in your home.

First off, you’re going to need paper towels, as you need these to absorb moist stains. But you can also use cloth as well, as long as you remember to blot the stains instead of rubbing on them. Then you’ll need gloves to handle the mess and the cleaners, and sprayers for the cleaners too.

But which cleaning products should you get? Here are some common nylon carpet supplies that you should buy so you can handle every type of stain:

  1. This can be used to clean a wide variety of carpet stains when you mix a teaspoon of clear dishwashing detergent with 1 cup of warm water. The stains you can handle include asphalt and tar, beer, mixed alcoholic drinks, tea, coffee, blood, butter, sweets, candy, chocolate, cooking oil, cough syrup, dirt, mud, colored dye, feces, egg, fruit juices, furniture polish, hobby glue, gravy, various types of ink, lipstick, foundation or mascara, mayonnaise, ice cream, milk, mercurochrome, latex paint, and oil and grease.
  2. More specifically, you need undiluted white vinegar. This can be used for stains caused by various beverages, including alcoholic drinks, coffee, tea, and soda. You can also use it for stains caused by sweets and candy, cough syrup, fruit juices or berries, fountain pen ink, Mercurochrome, and latex paint.
  3. Dry cleaning solvent. Make sure you handle this very carefully, since it can be toxic. Wear gloves so it doesn’t touch your skin. You can use this as the first step cleaner for asphalt and tar (after which you can then apply detergent and then water). It’s also an important cleaner you can use for butter, cooking oil, furniture polish, gravy, hobby glue, felt and ballpoint pen ink as well as permanent ink, lipstick, foundation and mascara, and oil and grease.

You can also use this for chewing gum. Just freeze the gum with an ice cube, and then shatter it with a blunt object. You can then apply dry cleaning solvent for 3 to 5 minutes. You may have to repeat the steps until the stain is removed completely.

  1. This is toxic too, and you better use this in a place with good ventilation. While you should never use ammonia for wool carpets, it’s great for nylon carpets when dealing with acidic spills. You can use it for latex paint, ice cream, milk, Mercurochrome, mayonnaise, pet or baby poop, egg, dirt, cough syrup, and chocolate.

Just because nylon carpets are durable doesn’t mean that you won’t have to worry about stains. You can clean up the stains immediately if you have the right carpet cleaning supplies at hand.

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