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5 Ways to Revamp your Bedroom

The bedroom is a private place, and modern trends lean towards rest and relaxation, with an area to spend relaxing hours doing what you love. Many people will spend their precious downtime in their boudoir, as it can be arranged just how you like it. The bedroom is the one room in the house that is not communal, so you can have everything as you like it, without any interference from the family. Here are some ideas to bring a breath of fresh air into the bedroom.

  1. A new headboard – This is an effective way to change the ambience, and if you are looking for king size headboards in the UK, there are online suppliers that hand craft headboards, and if you fancy something unique, they will make it. With many styles to choose from, you can set the scene for a new look by adding an elegant headboard.
  1. Window blinds are both chic and effective, and with modern solutions, a smooth running mechanism ensures easy operation. Vertical blinds can really add a touch of class, and with the right fabric, you can block out even the brightest sunlight, ideal for watching movies on a sunny afternoon.
  1. Repaint the walls – This isn’t such a big job, enlist the help of family members and remove most of the furniture and small items, then cover the bed and floor before giving the ceiling a good brush to remove dust and cobwebs. Do the same with the walls and leave things to settle. Choosing the right colours is easy, as all paint shops have zillions of shades, and with modern mixing techniques, the right combination can be achieved.
  1. Add some furniture – If space permits, why not have a sofa and armchair near the window? A coffee table makes the corner complete, and you can have your flat screen TV on the wall, perfect for those winter evenings watching your favourite shows. It is nice to entertain the family now and then, and the bedroom can be a place for group activities like board games or watching a documentary.
  1. A new bed is always a good idea, as it is the focal point of the room. There are online suppliers of top quality beds and headboards of all shapes and sizes, and their website allows you to browse at your leisure. It is always a good idea to go big with beds, and if space permits, you might want to have an emperor sized bed, which is colossal at 85 inches square. Plenty of room for the kids and the dog, and perfect if you are an active thrasher at nights.

The special room

Your bedroom is a lot more than just a place to rest your head at nights, and most people spend more time in their boudoir than any other room in the house. This means it should reflect personal comfort, and armed with all your favourite gadgets, it should be your oasis in this fast paced world we live in.

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