7 Packing Tips To Avoid Turning Your Move Into A Nightmare

Moving house can be a stressful experience, so it is important to make sure that everything is planned out well in advance to make sure that the day runs as smoothly as possible. Follow this helpful guide in order to learn seven of the best moving day packing tips.

Get Rid Of Any Unwanted Items

The most important moving day packing tip is to get rid of any items which you don’t want anymore. Have a clear out of your attic in order to sort through the unwanted items. You will be able to decide which items can be thrown away, which items can be sold on for a profit, and which items can be taken to the local charity shop.

Once the unwanted items have been gotten rid of, there will be much more space in the removal van to transport everything. Getting rid of these unnecessary items will also free up lots of room in your new house, meaning that hallways and rooms will be free of clutter. Instead of being turned into a dumping ground, the new attic can then be used as a spare bedroom or a games room. Visit for removals.

Use Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap is a cost-effective way to make sure that items can be transported without getting damaged. Wrap items up in several layers and ensure that they are securely fastened in the back of the moving van. The wrap can be reused several times, providing that you don’t tear it when you remove the cello tape after the move has been completed.

Have Delicate Items Specially Packed

Your furniture and accessories may contain several fragile items which might get damaged when they are being transported. Adlam Transport will be able to provide special wrapping material and boxes which will ensure that the risk of damage is minimised. It is a good idea to transport these fragile items separately, even though this may end up costing a little more.

Group Smaller Items Together So That They Won’t End Up Getting Lost

Grouping small items in with bigger items might result in them getting lost or damaged. To avoid this, put small items together so that they can be transported to the new house successfully.

Use Plastic Boxes Rather Than Using Cardboard Boxes

Using cardboard boxes is extremely cost-effective, but sometimes items can become damaged during transit because these boxes are quite flimsy. Instead, buy some sturdy plastic boxes which can be sealed with a lid. This will ensure that all your smaller possessions can be transported in a safe manner. Choose lots of different sizes in order to work out which size is the best one for your move.

Don’t Lean Items Against Each Other

It may be tempting to lean certain items against each other in order to save room in the back of the van. However, this may cause furniture to become damaged.

Plan The Packing Order Before Moving Day

It is important to plan the order in which items will be loaded into the back of the van. This will save lots of time.

Use this guide to packing successfully.

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