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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Green Living Blog

If you decide that you would like to start a green living blog that teaches readers how to live while preserving the Earth’s natural resources, you need to make sure that blogging is definitely something you’re up to and will enjoy doing.

Before you decide to start your green living blog, here are five questions you need to ask yourself and answer as truthfully as you can:

  1. Why Do I Want To Start A Green Living Blog?

People start blogs for different reasons. Some like to get into blogging purely to burn extra time on their hands, while others are very knowledgeable about a particular topic and want to use that knowledge to help others. Others are more interested in making money and therefore start blogs for an additional source of income.

Whatever your personal reason is, recognize that your blog is something that’s going to take up much of your time and energy. Clearly define your reasons for starting a blog before you embark on it.

  1. How Often Will I Write A New Post?

For your blog to become successful, you have to publish new posts on a regular basis. This isn’t just so that readers will know when to expect a new post, it’s also so that your blog stands a greater chance of being found on search engines as you rank for more keywords.

Decide upon a specific schedule for posting before you start your blog. At the very highest, this can be multiple posts a day (if you have the time), while at the very lowest it should be at least one new post a week.

  1. Am I Prepared To Spend Time On My Marketing Campaign?

Marketing your blog may not be all that fun, but you have to do it if you want to get readers. The good news here is that blog marketing is much more straightforward today than it has been in previous years.

For instance, an online SEO analyzer tool will simplify your marketing efforts by showing you the strengths and weaknesses of your blog’s SEO. This way, you will know that you are doing right and what needs to be improved.

  1. How Long Will My Posts Be?

Not every post has to be the exact same length, but most of them should fall within a word count ceiling that you set for yourself. For a post to have enough information that provides value to the reader, plan on it containing between five hundred to a thousand words at the minimum.

  1. How Much Of My Personal Life Do I Want To Share On My Blog?

Sharing stories from your personal life is just one way to stand out from other bloggers and to help readers relate to you. At the same time, there are some things from your life or your family’s life that you should probably not share publicly, so it’s important to definitively set the boundaries before you begin writing.

Don’t Feel Overwhelmed

A blog will be one of the most powerful tools at your disposal to share your knowledge about green living with the rest of the world. By answering each of these questions honestly, you won’t feel overwhelmed while running your green living blog and will find enjoyment in writing content that resonates with readers.

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