Big Fans for Big Places

Keeping a workplace nice and cool and the air in it of a satisfactory breathable nature, is a concern to all industrial sites in Australia. Places such as industrial facilities are where the air can easily become stagnant and dirty very quickly. Many types of industrial fans are out there that will help to make the air more comfortable, as well as dust free. You need to keep staff in a cool and pleasant atmosphere, so professional guidance and technology is a must.


This shouldn’t take much to figure out, but obviously in a big area you will need big fans. Lots of small fans will soon be racking up not only higher power bills, but maintenance bills as well. (And what a waste of energy!) Selecting the right size fan is of the essence, and getting that big area covered with top quality big fans, will soon have the place feeling just right.



All fans put into industrial usage should be strong, sturdy and manufactured for a long life with little maintenance, no matter where they are placed. They should also have top quality casing materials and have energy efficient, well-built motors guaranteeing the proper volume of air and required pressure. Industrial fans in Australia should all be up to this standard.

Different Types of Fan

  • Axial

Big fans such as axial fans, consist of propellers inside steel cages, and are usually employed to circulate air and cool down work areas. Some models mount on a wall, and they usually have an attachment which is strong enough to mount to a ceiling, machine, or workstation. If you’re looking for high quality cooling solutions, look no further than industrial fans with Allied Heat Transfer for the very best in ventilation expertise in Australian business.

  • Vent Systems

This kind of system is a mechanical arrangement of connected devices that controls the airflow within spaces and you may have seen one in a hotel or office. Its main function is to bring in a constant supply of fresh air, usually from outside, while at the same time channelling stale air back out. Fans and pumps are common parts of these systems, as are vent grates and air flow tunnels.

  • Blowers

Large Industrial blowers can air out large areas, and adequate ventilation for whole facilities is provided by this kind of centrifugal fan. A wheel type structure within the housing directs air into a ventilation duct, or the blower can have a radial blade design that is typically more tolerant of thick dust.

  • Misting Fans

Other types of industrial sized fans include misting fans, although this kind of fan would be used in smaller spaces and not on a large scale workshop floor. These don’t just move air, these fans subtly spray streams of mist for both cooling and clearing dust. The moisture is just enough to soak dust particles and prevent them from being inhaled.

Stay Cool

Hope that helps you and your industry to not only be cool, but stay cool!

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