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Living Green Off-Grid Is Easier than You Think!

The cost of living has driven many apartment dwellers to consider the pros and cons of living off-grid. However, they are only a handful of those who are seeking to move out into largely unpopulated areas off-grid. Did you know that you can still buy land as cheaply as a couple thousand dollars an acre in many areas of the country? Sometimes these are platted out within a rural subdivision that often forms a sort of community of their own.

Living Green
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Some have property owner associations and others simply have parcels for sale with no association rules to live by. The point is, most often those who buy land to live off-grid simply want to be left alone to live an alternative lifestyle, free from the encumbrances of high utilities and ever-rising rents. Actually, living off-grid is easier than you think and although it might take some getting used to, in time you will have all the amenities you had back in the city, but at much, much less the cost.

Sourcing Potable Water

The very first thing you may want to consider is sourcing potable water. No one can live longer than a few days without drinking water and in the severe heat of summer, less time than that! Many off-grid dwellers purchase huge water holding tanks that can hold as many as 3500 gallons of water and there are trucks that make deliveries monthly, and more if actually needed. These can be hooked up to your cabin or camper (tiny home?) and they are constructed in such a way as to avoid growth of algae because they block those rays from the sun.

Portable Toilets and Showers

Companies such as Satellite Industries have an innovative line of portable toilets and showers for sale that are actually like a trailer. For use on your land, simply hook them up to a water source, use the holding tanks on the trailers and then hook them up to an easy-to-build grey water tank that you can let leach into the ground or collect to be disposed of at a dumping station. The bathroom trailer would need to be emptied commercially or brought to the nearest RV dumping station as needed, but they provide all the luxuries of bathrooms at home, even if you need to walk a few feet to enter them.

Off-Grid ‘Green’ Energy

Then there is electricity to consider. While many people set up solar in increments, starting small and adding panels and batteries as they go, others find that it is easier just to put a few thousand dollars into a more realistic solar system that can actually power an entire home if you were still living in town. Sometimes it’s actually cheaper in the long run to have one system installed than to pay for service and installation as you add in increments. If you are a DIYer, no problem, but if you need professional installers on site, it’s best to do it all up front if financially feasible.

These are all ways to live green off-grid as you will not be using energy manufactured with fossil fuels and you will be often using such things as rain water for things like watering your garden and even washing your clothing and vehicle. You can find a million and one tricks to make green living off-grid easier than you would ever imagine and once you get the hang of it, there’s no other way to go. Privacy and low-cost living is where it’s at.

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