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Metal Blacking vs. Plating: Which Should You Choose?

If you manufacture products such as metal components, tools, steel fences, or just about anything else that’s made from a type of metal, you’ll likely need to change their colour to make them appealing to your end customers. You might be able to plate large products that can handle the extra weight and that’s dimensions can be changed slightly, but plating isn’t always a viable option for the likes to small components and tools that need to retain their specific dimensions. If plating or painting aren’t options, you might consider metal blacking.

Metal blacking is a process of changing the colour of metal to a dark black by changing the chemical composition of its surface. This means that the items you change to black using this process retain their dimensions and weight, and because they’re dark in colour, they don’t cause any fatigue from reflecting light. Nowadays, not many companies offer this kind of service, but businesses such as Blackfast are growing in popularity quickly. However, you still need to decide whether metal blacking is a better option than painting or plating.

It’s worth mentioning at this point that metal blacking is completely safe, and the best companies can finish the process in no time at all. You’ll no doubt be pleased with the results of metal blacking, and it’s often much cheaper than the options of painting and plating. Keep reading below to find out why metal blacking is growing in popularity.

The Benefits of Metal Blacking

If you’ve never heard of metal blacking before, you’ll be interested in learning its many benefits by reading the information below:

  • The dimensions of your products will remain exactly the same – As mentioned above, some products, such as small components and tools, need to retain their dimensions. If you need to change their colour and painting and plating aren’t viable options, metal blacking might be the perfect solution.
  • Increase the sales appeal of your products – Let’s face it, style and design mean a lot to end customers, so you may need to change the colour of your metal products to ensure they fly off the shelves. With metal blacking, you can make your products much more appealing to a large audience.
  • It’s often cheaper than plating – You might need to spend a significant amount of cash to plate your products, but the same isn’t always true for metal blacking. If you need to change the colour of your metal products to black, metal blacking might be your best option.
  • Make your products more durable – The metal surface of your products will absorb the likes of wax and oil to make them extra resistant to corrosion.

Make Sure You at Least Consider Metal Blacking

As you can see from the benefits detailed above, metal blacking is a fantastic way to change the colour of your products to make them more durable and appealing to customers. Just make sure you only trust a reputable company for such a task to ensure you’ll be pleased with the end result.

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