How to Choose the Right Window Treatment For Every Room

Redesigning your home’s interiors can be a little overwhelming when you think about having to overhaul every room. The good thing is you don’t actually have to – just changing the color of your walls, wallpaper, or window treatments can really transform the whole look of any space.

You want to modify something in the house that not only adds beauty to its appearance but also serves a purpose, like window treatments. They beautify any room and also control the temperature and brightness in it. You can choose from curtains, blinds, or zebra sheer shades depending on the look or the function that you want for a certain area.

In this article, we rounded up the different window treatment options you can choose to revamp your home, and what each is good for.


Curtains are probably the most common window treatments. They can be very cheap and you can also make them yourself using any type of cloth. Depending on the material you choose, they block out sunlight that is a little too harsh and will completely cover your business up against your annoying, prying neighbor. While they are often overlooked, curtains have a great impact on setting the tone of a room.

If you are going for curtains, first, think about what you want them to do for you before anything else. Do you want something totally opaque with serious light-blocking ability, or something that still lets a bit of light into the room? Would you like your curtains to let in some fresh air? Then, think of how you want your room to look like with the new curtains. Do you want a sunny, carefree feel in the room, or do you want it to be dark or formal and completely closed off from outside? Consider the color you want, the type of material/fabric, and the hardware that you want to use to mount the curtains.


Blinds are easier to manage than curtains because you don’t have to deal with fabric. They are composed of multiple slats made of wood, aluminum, leather, vinyl, or other composite materials. These slats can either be positioned horizontally or vertically, and they can be opened and closed partially or completely using a pulley mechanism, so they are more versatile in terms of letting in some air and light into the house. The slats also come in different sizes and lengths, so consider these things when choosing a set of blinds for your home.

Your living room will benefit more from wooden blinds or vertical blinds, since these typically come with wider slats, thus covering larger windows and letting in more light when they are open. Vertical blinds will also look better on tall windows.


Sheer shades, while similar to blinds, is a totally different window treatment and is often more affordable than the latter. While both are effective at adding style to your windows and giving you privacy without totally blocking your view, sheer shades are not made of slats like blinds. Instead, they are made of multiple pieces of layered fabric that roll up when you open them and roll out and down when you close them. Shades also have a different purpose from blinds – instead of completely blocking out light from outside, they only soften the light, so they still allow most of it to enter the room even when they are completely down.

Shades can be made of cotton, linen, and polyester. If you live in a particularly sunny area, solar shades are the option for you. They block out the harmful UV rays from the sun, protecting you and your furniture from disintegrating.

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