How to Improve Your Office Working Space with the Right Kind of Lighting: Your Important Guide

There are two things that greatly influence the efficiency and comfort of the office worker whilst he or she is at the job – temperature and lighting. Temperature is easily fixed; however, lighting is often a complicated topic and needs a little more study. There are different kinds of lighting, after all, and different kinds of jobs need different kinds of lighting as well.

Good lighting is not just necessary for your normal productivity, it’s essential for worker morale, the reduction of eye strain, and the minimisation of accidents on the job. Luckily, we have some experts who can give you the perfect advice. Have you ever wondered what kind of lighting you might have to install? Here’s how to improve your office working space with the right kind of lighting: your important guide.

Why the right kind of lighting is important

Lighting is not just about brightness or colour; there are a lot of other factors to consider. It’s also about having the proper distribution of light, the absence of glare, the nonexistence of harmful radiation, and the lack of light fluctuations. Getting the proper lighting in the office is important for the following reasons:

  • It safeguards the health of the workers – not only does it lessen eye strain, it also reduces stress and fatigue, and prevents accidents in the workplace.


  • It increases productivity – when people feel less strained and less tired, they are more productive. When people can see better and feel they have no obstacles around, they perform better. And when workers feel that the provided lighting is in sync with their natural biorhythm, they automatically perform at their best.


  • Increase in morale and prestige – when a place is well-lit according to the job at hand, people are happier, which leads to an increase in morale. Furthermore, it elevates the prestige of the company.

Natural and artificial light

Whether you’re in a traditional working environment or in a home office, the right kind of lighting is important given that you’re bound to spend a lot of time there. Ideally, there is as much natural light as possible (by means of windows or skylights), as this speaks to our natural, biological, and mental nature, and makes us more productive and healthy.

Unfortunately, natural light is often insufficient (especially during the colder seasons), and it needs to be supplemented the right way.

Finding the balance

As said, natural light is always best, but it’s not enough. How do we ensure we have the perfect illumination the whole day long? It’s all about understanding the different kinds of light and how our bodies (and our minds) react to it. It’s also about understanding that there are different kinds of lighting out there, and you need the right one. It’s for these reasons that LEDs are becoming more and more important. They can be regulated for maximum result.

LEDs: the wave of the future

LED lights really are the wave of the future – they are implemented most everywhere, and continue to grow in popularity. LED stands for Light Emitting Diode. They’re nothing new (they were first used in 1962), but it’s only in the past years that more and more manufacturers have come to understand the various advantages of the LED.

They’re everywhere now – in advertising billboards, in concerts, in your TV, and hopefully soon in, all around your office as well. The benefits are enormous.

Advantages of LEDs

Here are just some of the advantages of LEDs:

  • Efficiency – more lumens per wattage than other bulbs
  • Colour adjustment – you decide the colour and the hue
  • Brightness – easily adjusted with a dimmer switch
  • Long lifetime – guaranteed to last longer than your average bulb


LED downlights

LED downlights are a LED lights that are installed in the ceiling, and point straight down. Usually they are installed in a false ceiling, so that a hole can be cut in the ceiling, in which the downlight is installed. Downlights come in different kinds of sizes and shapes and can be adjusted to fit any kind of existing décor. Depending on the kind of downlight, they can be fixed (pointing straight down, with adjustable distribution) or be arranged to focus on one particular area. By using different colours and dimmer switches, the lights can be adjusted for any purpose. One particular type of downlight that’s very popular nowadays is gu10 LED downlights, for many good reasons.

Eliminating the flux

Are you left or right handed? It’s not a silly question – your traditional light source will invariably cast shadows and this will interfere with your work. This is one major advantage of the downlight – you’re able to eliminate the flux for better and more focused light. This all leads to greater productivity and employee morale.

Adjusting the brightness

By using a dimmer switch, you are able to adjust the brightness of the downlights so that, according to the time of day and depending on the amount of available natural light, you can create the perfect lighting atmosphere for optimum productivity. LED downlights are perfectly arranged and designed for this kind of setting.

Advantages of LED downlights

Here are just some of the advantages of downlights you should know:

  • Efficient – less energy consumption
  • Flexible – they are fixed in the ceiling and can be adjusted according to your needs
  • Low maintenance – which means you spend less time cleaning and replacing bulbs
  • Long life – compared to other, traditional lighting, they last longer and give an excellent return on investment
  • Safe – they produce far less heat and are therefore safer than traditional lighting methods.

Whether you’re working in an office, managing an office, or working from home (where a certain room in the home functions as an office), choosing the right kind of lighting is probably one of the most important choices you can ever make. It’s often an underestimated area of the office environment, but it can make a big difference regarding your health, comfort, and overall productivity. If you haven’t installed any downlights yet, you may want to consider it – they’re proven to work. It would be a shame not to improve your office life. You spend a lot of time there, and it is guaranteed to affect your life in many substantial ways. The right kind of lighting is too important to ignore.


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