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5 Great Ways to Save Energy in the Winter

Winter can be a tough period to get through. And while there indeed exist a great many ways to get through this freezing season, they often require a lot of energy to do so. But there are quite a few ways to get around this predicament and conserve energy in the process. Here are five great ways to save energy during the winter.

1.Composite Doors

How can something like a door possibly be a viable way to save energy during the winter? The answer is simple: composite doors are composed of a variety of different materials that provide not just durability, security and longevity, but possess very good sound and thermal insulating qualities. This affects the way the heat is retained within the building, reducing the loss in warmth significantly. Best of all, there are a great number of composite door suppliers and manufacturers, so availability is never an issue.


Another great way to save energy is by procuring composite windows to take advantage of the sun. Letting the sunlight enter your home during the day through the windows can go a long way to keeping your home nice and warm. But beware of draughty windows that may have ill-fitting frames. Covering these with insulation tape can also do wonders to keep the warmth in and the cold out, where it belongs.

3.Water Heater

We all need to take a shower, even on cold winter days and nights. Keeping the temperature to a fairly warm setting of 120 degrees Fahrenheit can save a great deal of energy, considering the fact that heating water accounts for nearly 20 per cent of the energy consumption in most households.

4.Heating System

Maintenance plays a huge role in the efficiency of heating systems. When they aren’t maintained and serviced regularly, they can either break down or work inefficiently, thus making them consume a lot more energy than they were originally designed to. Make sure your heating system is regularly serviced and any problems taken care of before winter arrives.


Last but certainly not least is lighting. Choosing the correct bulb and using light emitting diodes or LEDs, as they are more commonly known, can reduce your electric bills considerably. Best of all, they’re inexpensive and relatively easy to procure. It’s a cost-effective way of saving energy without having to spend a lot of money.

Even with the harsh elements that winter normally brings, there are still ways to save energy in the winter and the abovementioned methods should prove to be an effective start. Take some time to ensure you home is winter-proof in terms of energy efficiency before the cold arrives!



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