Green Lighting: Energy Efficient Outdoor Lighting

As more and more consumers experience the joy of adding a great outdoor living space to their home, outdoor lighting is becoming a hot topic. From tiki torches to rope lighting, we want our patio or terrace to feel like a relaxing sanctuary from the stresses of everyday life, and one way to accomplish it is with effective mood lighting. However, lighting needs to be more than just beautiful, it also should be energy efficient. Here are some green lighting tips on how to keep your outdoor lighting as energy efficient as possible.

LED Lights

LED lights are a great energy-efficient option for both indoor and outdoor lighting. Compact Florescent Light Bulbs are so last decade, because they are toxic to clean up and relatively expensive. In fact, General Electric has stopped making CFLs altogether. LED lights last longer, use less energy, produce fewer carbon emissions, and aren’t as sensitive to humidity, which makes them a great choice for your deck or patio. There are all types of LED lights to choose from, so it won’t be hard to find the right ones for your outdoor lighting needs.

Solar Lights

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Solar-powered lights bring lots of ambiance to your outdoor landscaping and provide flexibility when designing your yard or garden. Walking along a pathway of soft solar lights at night feels like walking through a beautiful dream. To reap the most benefits from your solar outdoor lights, you’ll need to maintain and use them correctly. As a result, they should easily last for many years. Pick a high quality brand with a good warranty and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay close attention to placement so that you’ll get maximum illumination out of each light string.

Low-Pressure Sodium

The low-pressure sodium light bulb was the first of the various sodium bulbs developed. It is recognized by its well-known monochromatic yellow color. It is more common in Europe but is now becoming popular in North America and other parts of the world. The Low-pressure sodium light is one of the most efficient bulbs in the world because it uses all of its current to create light at the most sensitive frequency to the human eye. There are a lot of great LPS lights available to brighten up your outdoor living area and a good lighting professional can recommend the right ones for your project and space.

When choosing your outdoor lighting, remember that being environmentally friendly means more than just conserving energy, it also means being kind to the plants and animals that share your space. Keep in mind that the use of certain outdoor lighting has the possibility of disturbing wildlife, such as a simple moth circling the outside lights or a majestic sea turtle being drawn toward the bright lights of a beachside home. Before starting your next lighting project, explore the environmental impact of various lighting options. That way you can enjoy a beautifully lit outdoor living area that is energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

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