Eco-Friendly Garage Door

How to Choose an Eco-Friendly Garage Door

An environmentally friendly home means many things. It means high quality insulation. It means designing and installing fittings and fixtures which help save power and water, and thus save you money too, on utility bills. And it also means an energy-efficient garage door. Many people overlook the importance of an eco-friendly garage door when it comes to living in a “green” house. Here’s more about the importance of an environmentally friendly garage door.

Why Go Green With Your Garage Door?

Why is it important to have an eco-friendly garage door? An environmentally friendly Garage Door is energy efficient. This means it helps to reduce the amount of energy you would need to keep the garage at optimum temperature. This is particularly important if you live in a climate where it’s cold in the winter and hot in the summer. An energy-efficient garage door helps to keep you and your vehicle cool in the heat and warm in the cold. An energy-efficient garage door also has the benefit of offering good sound protection.

Check the Insulation

When looking for an energy-efficient garage door, check the insulation rating of the door. Generally, you need to look for the R value. Doors with a higher R value offer better insulation since they are made from materials and specific type of insulation that offer the best insulation benefits. You should also check that there is a minimal amount of air leaking out from around the door. 

Pick Your Material

Take the material your door is made from into consideration when you are looking for an eco-friendly garage door. Steel garage doors are durable but on its own steel does not have much of an insulation factor. You can make the door more energy efficient by adding insulation between different layers in a multi-layer steel door. Aluminum is lightweight and very modern but it does not offer much in terms of insulation benefits. Wood is an attractive option but it is not necessarily chosen for its insulating properties. Composite wood can be paired with the benefits of steel or other composites, to provide a layered final product that can offer good insulation benefits.

Things to Remember

Insulating a door also helps to make it stronger, and provides greater protection against dents and other damage. It also helps to soundproof the door. Choosing a single-layer door will not provide much in terms of insulation benefits. Triple layers offer the best insulation protection. And make sure that you minimize any gaps between the door and the floor and walls so that air is not escaping, thus compromising the insulation properties.

Make sure you purchase a garage door that not only makes your home look good but provides adequate heat and sound insulation for maximum comfort levels.


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