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Advantages and Disadvantages of Combi Boilers for a Warm Home

Combi boilers, or combination boilers, combine water heating and central heating in a compact unit. Many people in the UK have chosen to have this system installed in their homes for a number of reasons. They are highly efficient and compact, making them suitable for homes with limited space. The system can be fired by oil, gas or LPG. If you are looking to replace your current boiler, weigh up the pros and cons of a combi boiler system.


Combi boilers have become a popular choice among households for their range of benefits, including:

  • Efficient. Experts say that the system offers more than a 90% level of efficiency, making you save on your energy costs and reduce your carbon footprint.
  • Cheaper to install. Since it is simpler to install because there are no multiple elements, it is also cheaper than traditional systems, replacement parts are also easier to find.
  • Faster hot water supply. Hot water comes from the mains, so there is no water tank to heat up. Thus, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of hot water without waiting.
  • Compact. The system requires no bulky water tank so it takes less space than conventional systems. It is only one unit, some are even small enough to be hidden in your kitchen.
  • Safe. Water from combi boilers is safe to drink because it comes directly from the mains and not from tanks. Water stored in tanks can acquire rust or debris, but in this system, no sludge builds up.
  • Easy to sell. If you will be renting or selling your property in the future, combi boilers are a good selling point. It can also do a lot to improve your Energy Performance Certificate (EPC).
  • Stronger pressure. Water comes directly from the mains, which means you can enjoy stronger hot water pressure.
  • Easier to repair. More engineers are now trained to work on combi boilers because of their popularity, making it easy for you to look for a qualified person to fix it when it has issues.


Combi boilers come with a few drawbacks, which are worth knowing before having one installed in your home.

  • Dependent on mains pressure. A good working mains pressure is needed for a combi boiler to work properly, so make sure to check it prior to installation.
  • Limited use. The system struggles to supply hot water for multiple taps at the same time, so if your house is big and the demand for hot water is high, this can be an issue. However, this can be resolved by installing boosters. If it breaks down, you will be left with no hot water unless you have an electric shower.

Combi boilers may have their share of pros and cons, but the benefits still outweigh the few disadvantages. Before having one installed, make sure you have a good water supply from the mains. The single water flow can be an issue if your household often uses multiple taps simultaneously. Combi boilers are highly recommendable for smaller homes.


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