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Keeping a Stone Countertop Clean and Mould-Free

Kitchen countertops made of stone such as granite or marble are a sight to see. They possess their own characteristics that give life to an otherwise boring kitchen. These countertops can be of different colours, designs and shapes. But just like any other kitchen component, you have to keep them squeaky clean, as they serve as counters for food – both raw and cooked. If you have either a marble or granite countertop, here are some tips on how to maintain its cleanliness.

Use Mild Cleaning Solutions

Water and dishwashing liquid mixed in a spray bottle is enough to keep your countertop clean. Getting rid of food debris before spraying the surface is advisable. Also, a non-abrasive cloth is the best material you can use to wipe it down to prevent any scratches on the surface. Rinse with water after soaping and allow it to air dry.

Do Not Use as a Cutting Board

Kitchen worktops should never be used as cutting boards, as they can get deep scratches from sharp objects, resulting in food particles as well as bacteria seeping into these cracks, and being transferred to other food. Food contamination is highly likely.

Get Rid of Stains

Your countertop will get stains, no matter how careful you are. If it happens, a mixture of baking soda and hydrogen peroxide mixed to the thickness of peanut butter is a great way to remove stains. Apply a thick paste on top of the stain and cover with cling wrap for a whole day before washing it.

Clean as You Go

To make sure that your stone countertop does not gather bacteria and prevent it from moulding, make it a habit to wipe it each time you use it. Remove food crumbs as well as liquids as soon as they touch the surface. This is to prevent any stain from building up, and allowing mould to develop.

Reseal Regularly

Have your countertop resealed at least twice a year. It will help prevent stains from seeping into the surface, making them harder to remove. It will also protect the surface from deep scratches, which can speed up the deterioration of the countertop. Neglecting scratches and cracks will allow bacteria and mould to inhabit them, making it dangerous to prepare food as they can seep into the food and pose a risk to the health of your family.

If you are looking for granite kitchen worktops in Ireland, know that you will get a lot of benefits from them compared to other countertops made of other materials. They don’t only add a sophisticated touch to your kitchen, but their durability is impeccable. They can last for decades when cared for in the right way, so make sure that you take the right steps to maintain their good condition.



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