Can a Circuit Breaker go Bad or Get Weak?

Circuit breakers are important safety features in the electrical system of your home, and you should understand how they work so your breaker panel stays effective and functional. Sometimes hiring professional electrical services is the way to go, but there are a few things you can handle on your own when it comes to your breaker panel.

Determining whether your breakers are working can be important, and if there seems to be a problem with a breaker constantly tripping, you might be wondering if the breaker is actually working. That is, the heavy switch that snaps to the side when your wiring is overloaded. It breaks the connection (hence the name) and prevents fires or damage farther along the circuit. That’s how the panel works, basically.

Can a breaker go bad? Well, “going bad” isn’t really a technical term but the general answer would be yes. Sometimes breakers do fail even though its not really a common problem. If you think you have a bad breaker, you can take a few steps to pin-point the problem.

First, you should identify the circuit that goes with the questionable breaker. Hopefully, your panel has clear labels indicating which parts of the house match up with each breaker switch. That will make this easier. Turn off or unplug all the electrical devices that are on that circuit.

Reset the breaker and see what happens. Does it still trip? If it does, then it is certainly the breaker itself that needs replacing. Turn on one small device on the circuit, like a lamp. Does it trip? Again, if it does, the breaker is actually the problem. If not, then it is more likely that you’ve overloaded the circuit with too many things.

Turn on one device at a time until it trips. Now you should have a rough idea what the capacity is, and what things should be moved to another location. If it is really too low for your needs, you might want to upgrade the breaker or the panel.

So back to the faulty breaker. They are built to last quite a while, but excessive heat and frequent tripping can lead to an early death. To maintain better breaker health, avoid overloading any circuits due to carelessness. It may seem harmless to ignore your electrical capacities and just wait for the switched breaker to let you know there is a problem, but each of those trips starts to add up over time and can weaken your overall panels ability to keep your system running safely.

Replacing a breaker is something you may be able to do on your own, but only if you have some expertise dealing with electrical systems. Even with the main power to the house shut off, there can be risks. If you are not confident in your skills, call a professional electrician to take a look. Once there, they can help repair your breaker and possibly give you advice an upgrading the panel if you are having issues with capacity and frequent overloaded circuits.


Why Paying for a Storage Unit Is the Best Thing to Do

Many people from all walks of life, not to mention countless business owners, hire storage units to safely and securely store their possessions. There are numerous reasons why they may need to hire a unit, for example, they don’t have adequate storage space at home or at work, or they’re in the process of relocating to a new home or place of business. Here are a few of the many reasons why paying for a storage unit is the best thing to do if you have items that you need to store somewhere safe.
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5 reasons for flash floods happening in your neighbourhood

Flash floods are a problem in Australia. These devastating forces of nature can cause extensive damage to property and can put lives in danger. The financial and psychological effects of a flash flood can take individuals and communities years to recover from. It is important that effective measures are put in place so that flash floods can be prevented. In the event of a flash flood, it is important that prior preparation minimises the damage to property and the potential loss of life.

There are dozens of reasons why flash floods occur. These reasons need to be taken into account so that the necessary steps can be taken to defend communities against damage. This helpful guide lists five of the main causes of flash flooding. Read on in order to find out more.

Blocked And Damaged Drains

Damaged drains which are cracked and overflowing will not be able to handle large amounts of water. Likewise, blocked drains in Perth which are clogged with debris such as leaves or rubble will be unable to channel water safely underground.

It is important that homeowners regularly have the pipes in their houses checked for any signs of damage or blockages. Local councils should do the same to the drains beneath a city’s roads. The regular maintenance and repair of pipes will mean that the risk of flash flooding is greatly reduced.

People who are worried about the state of pipes should contact a professional as soon as it is convenient to do so. Click here for plumbing that will unblock and repair drainage systems.

Sudden Rainfall

Parts of Australia are susceptible to sudden downpours which can trigger flash flooding. Canberra receives the lowest amount of yearly rainfall between major cities in the country. It is susceptible to sudden rainfall after weeks of dry weather which can result in floodwaters forming.

The worst recorded flooding disaster in Australia’s history occurred on June 24, 1852, when 89 people lost their lives in Gundagai, New South Wales.

Modern irrigation and drainage systems have become increasingly more sophisticated in order to deal with sudden downpours. These drainage systems allow rainwater to be collected in gutters and pipes before they have a chance to cause extensive damage. Rural areas have a higher risk of flash flooding from sudden rainfall because the quality of drainage is of a lower quality.

Damage To Man-Made Structures Such As Dams

Dams are designed to retain vast amounts of water for a variety of purposes. Commonly, water is retained in order to be used for hydroelectric power. These structures need to be carefully monitored for any signs of damage. Cracks in dam walls or structural collapses can lead to large quantities of water escaping and causing damage to nearby property. A detailed system of checks and balances need to be in place to prevent this from happening, and dam workers should report problems to superiors as soon as they are noticed.

Natural Disasters Such As Hurricanes Or Mudslides

Hurricanes or mudslides can occur flash flooding to occur as a knock-on effect.

Rising Global Temperatures

Global warming has the potential to increase the risk of flash flood in areas which are increasingly seeing rapid downpours after weeks without rain.

Use this guide to understand the causes of flash floods.


Important Tips on How to Choose the Right Mattress

When it comes to the costlier pieces of furniture in your home, you may be hesitant to buy just any brand or model. For example, you did not walk into the office store and buy the first office chair and desk you came across. Instead, you looked through all of the available options, researched their advantages, and considered your own personal factors to choose the best option for your needs. The same should be done for your mattress.
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Commercial Construction Solutions

Modern construction demands that developments are completed on time, and to budget, and this creates a separate industry, which supplies the construction projects with essential services and products. Specifically, the supply of top quality windows and doors is a crucial part of commercial projects, and with modern solutions, custom made units are fitted by qualified technicians, working to the highest standards.
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revamp bedroom

5 Ways to Revamp your Bedroom

The bedroom is a private place, and modern trends lean towards rest and relaxation, with an area to spend relaxing hours doing what you love. Many people will spend their precious downtime in their boudoir, as it can be arranged just how you like it. The bedroom is the one room in the house that is not communal, so you can have everything as you like it, without any interference from the family. Here are some ideas to bring a breath of fresh air into the bedroom. Continue reading


Conservation Advice from an Energy Consultant: Simple Lighting Tips to Lower Your Energy Bills

A good energy consultant can talk to you about energy consumption without using complicated jargon. They can also give you some advice that can help you reduce your energy consumption and improve your home or office’s energy efficiency.

However, there are some steps you can take to jumpstart your energy conservation efforts. Even the way you use your lights can lower your utility bill. Check out our tips below: Continue reading


What Carpet Cleaning Supplies Do You Need for Nylon Carpet?

Quite a few carpet owners prefer nylon rugs over wool. It’s affordable, yet the synthetic fiber is resistant to direct sunlight so they can be used on your patio. They’re resistant to moisture too, which makes nylon one of the best materials for your bathroom carpet. And it’s also easy to clean, as long as you have the proper carpet cleaning supplies available in your home.
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How to Spot a Healthy Tree

Everyone understands the concept of gardening, and looking after the plants and flowers in your backyard, but less well known is the idea that trees require just as much diligence and care. Okay, maybe not quite just as much, but they’re not the strong, solid background many people treat them as. There are a huge number of things that can go wrong with trees, ranging from issues with the root structure, to ivy, to stability, and that’s not even mentioning the number of virulent and potent tree diseases that wipe out entire forests in the UK. It’s worth knowing about some of the main things that go wrong with trees that way you’ll be able to bring in tree surgeons before the situation gets dire. You don’t want your first announcement of sick trees to be a branch damaging your car, or looking up to notice your trees are bare, yellow and dead.
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