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Living Green Off-Grid Is Easier than You Think!

The cost of living has driven many apartment dwellers to consider the pros and cons of living off-grid. However, they are only a handful of those who are seeking to move out into largely unpopulated areas off-grid. Did you know that you can still buy land as cheaply as a couple thousand dollars an acre in many areas of the country? Sometimes these are platted out within a rural subdivision that often forms a sort of community of their own.
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5 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Green Living Blog

If you decide that you would like to start a green living blog that teaches readers how to live while preserving the Earth’s natural resources, you need to make sure that blogging is definitely something you’re up to and will enjoy doing.

Before you decide to start your green living blog, here are five questions you need to ask yourself and answer as truthfully as you can: Continue reading

View of a house being built with tires in Choachi, Cundinamarca, Colombia on March 16, 2015. In the same way as igloos, thermally efficient and resistant to quakes, a particular kind of house in central Colombia takes advantage of a material which is thrown away: tires. 5.3 million tires are thrown away each year in Colombia, and since they take millions of years in decomposing, using them for building becomes a potential.  AFP PHOTO/Eitan Abramovich

Some igloos built with used tires in Colombia


On the heights of Bogota, curious rise igloos. Gifted with good thermal insulation and resistant to earthquakes, these dwellings are not built with ice but with old tires abandoned. These residues are a real environmental pest in Colombia. Thanks to this project, have been recycled materials construction.

Pioneer project in Colombia, Alexandra Posada, an environmental activist, has organized the construction of original buildings in round walls in the town of Choachi , about 40 kilometers from the capital. “I give away these tires because it is a huge problem discard they. It takes thousands of years to decompose, “says this 35 year old woman who oversees the work in jeans and cowboy hat.

“Used for construction, become virtually eternal bricks “he adds. To convert tire blocks compact of 300 kilos, they are filled with earth. Iron bars are sandwiched between the tires of various sizes, depending on whether they come from trucks or cars.

This technique, which takes advantage of the flexibility of rubber, allows these houses cling to the side of the hill in the cook of the Andes, and so deal with the movements of the Earth, very common in this region.

The roofs of these houses are made of cement room and the kitchen, and wood for the dining room, an aesthetic issue. The roof is covered with tires that serves as shingles.

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house with walls full of water : this is the idea that has proven a Hungarian architect. The thermal inertia and power insulation of these panels reduce energy consumption much.

“Imagine a building without insulation, but whose interior benefits from an ideal thermal balance thanks to the properties of water, “sums Matyas Gutai, 34, who develops his project and registered the patent, step by step, for 10 years.

Far from Geneva, where he has just negotiated a preliminary agreement preparatory to the Paris conference on climate (cop21) end of the year, the inventor has built a prototype in his hometown, Kecskemet, south of Budapest.

Most building walls are glass panels folded, the intervals are filled with water. Exposed to the sun, they absorb heat. The water restored when the weather turns cold, like a convector.

The need for sources of heat outside, and hence power consumption, are limited. The concept of “home water” provides excellent insulation, even though the walls measured only five centimeters thick a savings supplementary, this time in building materials.