Project sunroof Google calculates the money you would save if you had solar panels on your home

Project sunroof Google calculates the money you would save if you had solar panels on your home

Yesterday we discovered with puzzlement as a German neighborhood in the city of Freiburg produces four times more energy than it produces. And that has a city where they have 1800 hours of sunshine a year, nearly half some of the indexes you have some Spanish cities, so we can quickly show how badly we are doing in this regard in our country.

Something that has to do much with this one is that Google’s new project launched this week and has referred to as “Project Sunroof”. This will calculate the potential of housing for the possible implementation of solar panels. Say that calculates the hours of sunshine a year it receives the roof, for example, your home, so give an estimate of how much money ahorrariais.

Those who live in Boston, the San Francisco Bay and Fresno, have been invited to enter your address on the landing page for Project Sunroof which is the availability of hours of sunshine per year and how much money you would save if they were installed solar panels.

Google says that calculates this information with a database of aerial maps that get perform 3D modeling of the roof. Taking into account the shadows cast by the trees or nearby structures, and then calculates all possible positions of the sun over a whole year. It also includes the history of cloud patterns and temperatures that affect the production of solar energy.

Once all this is calculated, the amount of money you would save if you make leasing of solar panels for 20 years, using a loan to purchase or buy directly appears. Another advantage is that you can even change the amount of roof cover with solar panels if anything the user does not want to cover whole.

In a given example, a house with a rate of 1800 hours of sunlight per year would save $ 24,000 in 20 years including payment of solar panels. Now we just have to take account if you were in a province like Huelva which nearly doubles the number of hours of sunlight per year.


Schlierberg, a German neighborhood where 4 times more energy than is produced is consumed

Schlierberg, a German neighborhood where 4 times more energy than is produced is consumed

From the 70, Freiburg has been increasing its reputation and popularity as one of the ecological capital of Germany. In 1986 the city had a vision for sustainable programs that relegated better transport and energy efficiency are among the best in the world.

Schlierberg is one of their neighborhoods and have known that today generates more than 4 times the energy it consumes. A district that shows the way to become completely self-sufficient, because if now produce more energy than they consume, his goal is to be independent with new batteries powerwall Tesla.

As you might say, the future is there in front of us, we can only cross at him. Schlierberg consists of 59 wooden houses built with green materials in an area of 11,000 square meters.

Schlierberg, a German neighborhood where 4 times more energy than is produced is consumed

Among one of the virtues of this neighborhood and this city is that its inhabitants tend to move on foot or by bicycle, apart from solar energy available, reuse rainwater and use environmentally friendly materials in their buildings.

Freibourg Schlierberg, a German neighborhood where 4 times more energy than is produced is consumed

This neighborhood has in all homes with photovoltaic panels placed in the right direction to receive solar energy from the 1,800 hours of sunshine a year with. Freiburg, the city is among the regions with the most sunny days in the year.

According to Rolf Disch, the architect responsible for the project, the emission of nearly 500 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere is avoided. The houses are constructed so as to have a simple roof and wide eaves that allow the presence of sunlight during winter and protect the home during the summer.

One example to follow, and if we have that here in Spain we Huelva cities with more than 3,100 hours of sunshine a year, which we are not waiting. Just twice a region as referred to in this entry as Freiburg in Germany.


Tesla will double the output of its powerwall no change in price

Tesla will double the output of its powerwall no change in price

Tesla Motors held its annual meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. During his presentation, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Tesla announced that it will double the output of its powerwall, the storage system for homes, 7 kW to 5 kW peak and continuous value.

The best thing about this announcement is that Musk confirmed that the price will remain the same, $ 3,000 for the version of 7 kWh (daily cycle) and $ 3,500 for 10,000 kWh (weekly cycle). It significantly improves the offer for one of the energy storage devices has been news in recent months.

Tesla offers two versions of its battery system powerwall. The first 7 kWh is ready to be downloaded on a daily basis so that the user can take advantage of the photovoltaic installation on the roof or to manage the use, especially if you have a rather special electric bill. Another advantage would be to have several powerwall, but here the price would rise.

10 kWh the system serves as a backup system for certain circumstances such as the case of a blackout, even if the battery is designed to weekly cycles for 10 years.

Musk admitted that one of the biggest complaints was that a 2 kW continuous output is not sufficient for the needs of a user with your home. So you have heard these complaints and have adjusted supply about 5 kW.

Tesla hopes that this change will enable the general adoption of this type of energy storage at a level that helps users to be energy independent. Aside from having its great importance for certain companies that are reaching important agreements with Tesla to be equipped with this energy storage system that has surprised both friends and strangers.


Tesla says the batteries and solar point the way to a cheaper electricity in 10 years

Tesla says the batteries and solar point the way to a cheaper electricity in 10 years

Energy storage technology is one of the keys to popularize solar power generation and is the point at which the chief technology based Tesla to lecture about this type of clean energy.

JB Strauble, TCO Tesla, took voice at the conference to discuss the virtues of lithium-ion battery as the energy storage is vital for solar and wind power, as dusk falls over the horizon and the wind stops rising.

Energy storage projects need not always be paired with renewable energy. Certain operators in California and the eastern United States are buying these storage systems to improve the efficiency of their power grids.

Moreover Strauble kept that battery costs will fall faster than expected, and so will the demand for energy storage equipment, which will be on par with solar panels. The combination will create a cheaper electricity than current fossil fuels taken.

10 years is what gives Strauble to have cheap electricity to energy independence as seen above.

This prediction is based on Tesla’s own plans to create a factory-ion high capacity batteries in Nevada that will begin to produce these products for next year. The factory is designed to increase its production capacity to 50 g W hours annually by 2020, enough to make them work 500.00 Tesla cars.

Tesla is still on everyone’s lips since May unveiled two options as batteries for home , one for home and one for larger business facilities. The version for housing has been designed especially to fit snugly in the corner of a garage. Even as recently learned has increased the storage capacity for the same price.


Some igloos built with used tires in Colombia


On the heights of Bogota, curious rise igloos. Gifted with good thermal insulation and resistant to earthquakes, these dwellings are not built with ice but with old tires abandoned. These residues are a real environmental pest in Colombia. Thanks to this project, have been recycled materials construction.

Pioneer project in Colombia, Alexandra Posada, an environmental activist, has organized the construction of original buildings in round walls in the town of Choachi , about 40 kilometers from the capital. “I give away these tires because it is a huge problem discard they. It takes thousands of years to decompose, “says this 35 year old woman who oversees the work in jeans and cowboy hat.

“Used for construction, become virtually eternal bricks “he adds. To convert tire blocks compact of 300 kilos, they are filled with earth. Iron bars are sandwiched between the tires of various sizes, depending on whether they come from trucks or cars.

This technique, which takes advantage of the flexibility of rubber, allows these houses cling to the side of the hill in the cook of the Andes, and so deal with the movements of the Earth, very common in this region.

The roofs of these houses are made of cement room and the kitchen, and wood for the dining room, an aesthetic issue. The roof is covered with tires that serves as shingles.


Plant-e, or how to produce electricity through the plants

Plant-e, or how to produce electricity through the plants

A Dutch company intends to produce electricity by installing electrodes on the ground full of water where plants adapted to this type of growing medium. Although efficiency is still weak, this invention called Plant-and could transform the rice electricity production units.

A paddy day and night could produce enough electricity to power a remote village in Southeast Asia. This dream takes shape in the Netherlands, where scientists develop a system that generates power by plants growing in media saturated with water.

Founded in 2009, Plant-e markets and perfects an imagined by scientists at the University of Wageningen and patented in 2007.

This device produces electricity by little it is through plants growing in a water-saturated medium system, a large scale, such as in a rice field or a jar filled with water in the garden could be a quite effective method.

The technology relies on photosynthesis by the plant and used by which this occurs specifically organic matter. The surplus is removed on the ground by the roots, through which live microorganisms that feed and release electrons. Placing electrodes carbon close to the roots, these electrons can collect and generate power.


Samso, the Danish island of green energy

Samso, the Danish island of green energy

The Vikings, master of the winds, made this island in the middle of Denmark, a strategic place. They built a canal and a castle, from where they controlled the security of the island. Their descendants planted the masts of the wind on land and on water.

Samso today noted for its clear commitment to green energy. Its electricity comes from wind fighting on the island without a break, and heat from the sun, wood or straw. But still he wants to go further, eliminating fuel fossil their transport.

From the airport of Copenhagen, take the train to approach the coast, before embarking on one of the two daily ferries to the island 28 km long and 7 km at its narrowest part. Approaching the coast, sunset, ten perceive turbines placed on water. After eleven blades mills wind scattered over the low houses with thatched roofs.

This is how Samso has changed the course of their destiny. “It all started in 1997, has Michael Kristensen, a former carpenter converted to alternative energies. The Danish government started racing five islands, with a roadmap: to become self-sufficient in ten years, thanks to a 100% renewable resources. Our project won”.


France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

All new buildings in commercial areas around the country must meet a new legislation for the environment, and this is that they should be partially covered by plants or solar panels under a law that was passed last Thursday.

Green roofs cause an insulating effect to help reduce the amount of energy required to heat a building in winter and cool in summer.

They also retain rainwater which helps that collect in their leaves, except that also promotes biodiversity and gives the birds a place to build their nests in the urban jungle.

The law passed by parliament has been more limited than initially wanted activists in environmental wanting the whole entire surface of the new constructed buildings cover. The Socialist government activists convinced that the only limit is made in the buildings of shopping areas.

The other option they have planted new buildings in commercial areas is that instead of placing plants, can choose to install solar panels to produce electricity. And what would these green roofs are quite popular in other countries like Germany and Australia , and even in Toronto, Canada City, where a new law enacted in 2009 that required in new buildings for residential and industrial purposes.

Some green roofs that give another color to the gray that dominates the city and that takes part of that same color of life that makes both these façades lack coloring horizon lines and those that are lost among skyscrapers and tall buildings. A decree which we hope will spread over countries like our own. Greener Madrid is needed. We expect changes.


A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house with walls full of water : this is the idea that has proven a Hungarian architect. The thermal inertia and power insulation of these panels reduce energy consumption much.

“Imagine a building without insulation, but whose interior benefits from an ideal thermal balance thanks to the properties of water, “sums Matyas Gutai, 34, who develops his project and registered the patent, step by step, for 10 years.

Far from Geneva, where he has just negotiated a preliminary agreement preparatory to the Paris conference on climate (cop21) end of the year, the inventor has built a prototype in his hometown, Kecskemet, south of Budapest.

Most building walls are glass panels folded, the intervals are filled with water. Exposed to the sun, they absorb heat. The water restored when the weather turns cold, like a convector.

The need for sources of heat outside, and hence power consumption, are limited. The concept of “home water” provides excellent insulation, even though the walls measured only five centimeters thick a savings supplementary, this time in building materials.


Plumbing Services: A boon for Clogged drains

Plumbing Services A boon for Clogged drains

The plumbing services has been satisfying the requirement for many years, so that the professional were recently appraised the positively by the plumbing community. And priority will make for offering the following guarantees offered by the plumbing company is services provided on the same day, upfront as well as fair pricing, open weekend along with the evenings, respect, convenient appointment time, highly skilled techniques, lifetime warranty, guarantee at best values, as well as hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed.

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Replacement drain services

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Which means the trained professionals are able to replace the drains without tearing the client’s lawn, and if people are in need of new drain then the person will make a call to the professional and the expert will discuss every option with the person.

The plumbing professional use to include the video inspection also by using the technology that is based on the state of the art for thoroughly diagnoses the main cause of blockage as well as for preventing it from happen again. All the drain cleaning services will include preventing maintenance that does not apply for promotion.

Clearing the main drain

Back water valves in the area are becoming quite popular at the home of sewer. The professional will perform an important task, which protect the home from being flooding just due to the backups of city sewer and caused by the flash flooding. Since, the flash flooding is becoming more and more common in some past years, the city will be going to offer rebate off for installing a backwater valve in entire Toronto.

Backwater valves will allows the sewage flow for exiting building as well as protecting against the sewage which coming back in from the line of sewer. This will be going to achieve a flap which opens a way towards city sewer along with closing if any of the water flows will back towards at the person’s home. A clogged sewer required a real emergency which cannot put off.

The plumbing expert has a proper equipment as well as expertise for solving any clogged drainage issues. They are the experts and we just need not to think about the things required to resolve the issue, we can feel relax just after informing them only.