Samso, the Danish island of green energy

Samso, the Danish island of green energy

The Vikings, master of the winds, made this island in the middle of Denmark, a strategic place. They built a canal and a castle, from where they controlled the security of the island. Their descendants planted the masts of the wind on land and on water.

Samso today noted for its clear commitment to green energy. Its electricity comes from wind fighting on the island without a break, and heat from the sun, wood or straw. But still he wants to go further, eliminating fuel fossil their transport.

From the airport of Copenhagen, take the train to approach the coast, before embarking on one of the two daily ferries to the island 28 km long and 7 km at its narrowest part. Approaching the coast, sunset, ten perceive turbines placed on water. After eleven blades mills wind scattered over the low houses with thatched roofs.

This is how Samso has changed the course of their destiny. “It all started in 1997, has Michael Kristensen, a former carpenter converted to alternative energies. The Danish government started racing five islands, with a roadmap: to become self-sufficient in ten years, thanks to a 100% renewable resources. Our project won”.


France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

All new buildings in commercial areas around the country must meet a new legislation for the environment, and this is that they should be partially covered by plants or solar panels under a law that was passed last Thursday.

Green roofs cause an insulating effect to help reduce the amount of energy required to heat a building in winter and cool in summer.

They also retain rainwater which helps that collect in their leaves, except that also promotes biodiversity and gives the birds a place to build their nests in the urban jungle.

The law passed by parliament has been more limited than initially wanted activists in environmental wanting the whole entire surface of the new constructed buildings cover. The Socialist government activists convinced that the only limit is made in the buildings of shopping areas.

The other option they have planted new buildings in commercial areas is that instead of placing plants, can choose to install solar panels to produce electricity. And what would these green roofs are quite popular in other countries like Germany and Australia , and even in Toronto, Canada City, where a new law enacted in 2009 that required in new buildings for residential and industrial purposes.

Some green roofs that give another color to the gray that dominates the city and that takes part of that same color of life that makes both these façades lack coloring horizon lines and those that are lost among skyscrapers and tall buildings. A decree which we hope will spread over countries like our own. Greener Madrid is needed. We expect changes.


A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house with walls full of water : this is the idea that has proven a Hungarian architect. The thermal inertia and power insulation of these panels reduce energy consumption much.

“Imagine a building without insulation, but whose interior benefits from an ideal thermal balance thanks to the properties of water, “sums Matyas Gutai, 34, who develops his project and registered the patent, step by step, for 10 years.

Far from Geneva, where he has just negotiated a preliminary agreement preparatory to the Paris conference on climate (cop21) end of the year, the inventor has built a prototype in his hometown, Kecskemet, south of Budapest.

Most building walls are glass panels folded, the intervals are filled with water. Exposed to the sun, they absorb heat. The water restored when the weather turns cold, like a convector.

The need for sources of heat outside, and hence power consumption, are limited. The concept of “home water” provides excellent insulation, even though the walls measured only five centimeters thick a savings supplementary, this time in building materials.


Plumbing Services: A boon for Clogged drains

Plumbing Services A boon for Clogged drains

The plumbing services has been satisfying the requirement for many years, so that the professional were recently appraised the positively by the plumbing community. And priority will make for offering the following guarantees offered by the plumbing company is services provided on the same day, upfront as well as fair pricing, open weekend along with the evenings, respect, convenient appointment time, highly skilled techniques, lifetime warranty, guarantee at best values, as well as hundred percent satisfaction guaranteed.

Priority plumbing will be dedicated for taking each and every step which is possible to make sure that one receives the best plumbing services of possible emergency in the entire area. A clogged drain required a true emergency. It should be done fast or as soon as possible, otherwise there can be some other issues related to that, hence better to resolve it in the initial stage only.

Replacement drain services

At http://priorityplumbing.ca, the drain repair will be done without any delay. What will set the professionals will differ from other companies. Unlike many companies most of them genuinely cared about their clients as well as their property.That is why the professionals will make use the recent technologies of no digging whenever possible while replacing the drains.

Which means the trained professionals are able to replace the drains without tearing the client’s lawn, and if people are in need of new drain then the person will make a call to the professional and the expert will discuss every option with the person.

The plumbing professional use to include the video inspection also by using the technology that is based on the state of the art for thoroughly diagnoses the main cause of blockage as well as for preventing it from happen again. All the drain cleaning services will include preventing maintenance that does not apply for promotion.

Clearing the main drain

Back water valves in the area are becoming quite popular at the home of sewer. The professional will perform an important task, which protect the home from being flooding just due to the backups of city sewer and caused by the flash flooding. Since, the flash flooding is becoming more and more common in some past years, the city will be going to offer rebate off for installing a backwater valve in entire Toronto.

Backwater valves will allows the sewage flow for exiting building as well as protecting against the sewage which coming back in from the line of sewer. This will be going to achieve a flap which opens a way towards city sewer along with closing if any of the water flows will back towards at the person’s home. A clogged sewer required a real emergency which cannot put off.

The plumbing expert has a proper equipment as well as expertise for solving any clogged drainage issues. They are the experts and we just need not to think about the things required to resolve the issue, we can feel relax just after informing them only.


8 ways to make your kitchen eco friendly

8 ways to make your kitchen eco friendly

More and more people are making their kitchen ‘the heart of the home’. Kitchens tend to be bigger – some including dining space, sofas and play areas for the children. Many people, both men and women, are keen on cooking and want to be able to socialise while they are doing so.

Whatever the size and style of your kitchen, it can contain environmentally beneficial appliances and features. The following are 8 ways to make your kitchen eco friendly.

Buy local produce if possible

The supermarkets are full of foods which look fresh and tempting, but realistically they will be far from where they originated and packaged to within an inch of their lives. Wherever you live in the UK, you will never be far from local food suppliers.

Many towns have regular Farmers’ Markets where local growers offer their produce for sale. Apart from the freshness of these foods, it is good to support your local community. Here home remodeling sacramento will be a great one for your home appliance.

Of course, there is also the option to grow your own fruit and vegetables, either in your own garden or a local allotment.


If you live near the coast, you should be able to buy freshly caught fish, either from the sea or from fish farms. The seas have been overfished in many areas and some once common fish are now endangered. Try and buy sustainable seafood.

Recycle leftover food

Think twice before binning leftover food. Meat and bones can be boiled to extract the stock to make into delicious soups. Leftover vegetables can be mashed and fried as ‘bubble and squeak’. Other vegetable scraps can be composted using odourless compost pots.

Energy efficient appliances

Appliances such as refrigerators, freezers and cookers are now produced and marked with their energy efficiency rating. This can save you money and be eco friendly.


This is not just a change to the kitchen. Replacing incandescent light bulbs with energy efficient ones all over the house can save you money. They are slightly more expensive, but last significantly longer. If your kitchen is north-facing and dark, you could consider installing a skylight. These can transform dark kitchens into light and airy ones.

Cooker hoods

If your cooker has a hood, ensure it is cleaned frequently and the filter changed as necessary. This will ensure it works to its optimum efficiency.

Remodelling your kitchen

If you want to remodel your kitchen, there are many things you can do to make it energy efficient. There are many beautiful recycled materials on the market from timber and stone to countertops, cabinets and flooring. Bamboo is a sustainable material harvested from plantations which is great for flooring and cabinets.

When buying a new cooker or range, buy saucepans and frying pans which fit the burners. Putting a small pan on a large burner obviously wastes a lot of electricity or gas. Kitchen remodeling sacramento could be your best choice for local service.

Other energy efficient items for your kitchen

You can gradually introduce energy efficient items to your kitchen when required. Some of these include:

Eco electric toasters feature an auto-close lid which enables the bread to remain close to the heat source, thus reducing toasting time.

Stainless steel recycled cutlery is now available. It looks classy and is manufactured from around 80% recycled metal.

A 3 litre compost crock pot can be kept in the kitchen and filled with scraps. The supplied carbon filter will eliminate any odours.

Energy efficient dishwashers which use only 12 litres of water per wash are another good investment.

A retro styled fridge freezer can be another great addition to your eco kitchen. Its environmentally friendly reputation is growing fast.

Normal kettles are extremely high on energy. There is now an eco kettle available. Which uses 30% less energy.

It features a measuring button to allow exactly the right amount of water to be boiled – from one cupful to maximum capacity.

There are green pan sets available which are manufactured using 50% less energy than normal pans. Their non-stick coating is completely free from chemicals.

The Green Bible is full of recipes and practical tips to help you keep on the eco-friendly road.


How to Stay Warm at Home in winter without a Heating System

How to Stay Warm at Home in winter without a Heating System

When the temperatures outside are below freezing and you don’t have an adequate heating system indoors, it can make for a really long winter. And while investing in an HVAC system is worth every cent, if you’re on a tight budget this year, there are some things that you can still do to keep warm.

If you’re interested in knowing some surefire ways to keep the rooms in your house feeling cozy despite how chilly it may be outdoors, please keep reading:

Do some insulating. In order to prevent outside air from creeping indoors, it’s important that you make sure your home is well-insulated. Check your attic to make sure that the insulation up there is 12″ thick. Cover your pipes (especially the ones in the kitchen, bathroom and basement) with fiberglass or foam insulation.

And don’t forget to also insulate your windows, especially if they are not double or triple-pane ones. You can do this without spending a lot of money by either putting a clear shower curtain in between your window and your window treatments.

Or, you can even tape bubble wrap to your window panes. As far as window treatments, go to a store like Target or Walmart to pick up some thermal curtains. They are specifically designed to help keep warm air inside of your house.

Add some area rugs. Speaking of insulation, if your house has carpet on its floors, then you’re already a step ahead when it comes to making the rooms in your house warmer. But if you happen to have tile, concrete or hardwood instead, something else that you can do is put down some area rugs. They help keep your floors warmer and your feet warmer too.

Use incandescent lights. Initially, you might be surprised to hear that using certain light bulbs can actually make your house warmer, but it’s true. There is plenty of data to support the fact that incandescent light bulbs will not only reduce energy costs, but being that they emit more heat than light, they can also help to make the rooms in your house feel more comfortable as well.

Change your bedding. If your bed is missing some flannel sheets or a down comforter, no wonder you’re freezing! The good news is that you can find these two things for a fairly inexpensive price at any store that sells bedding. The even better news is that if you add a couple of blankets to them, you will be nice and toasty all winter long.

Buy some space heaters. Say that you’re reading this article because you recently found out that your HVAC unit is on the fritz. Or, it’s not working well because you need to add some things to it like a ductless heat pump or an AC thermal expansion valve and it’s simply not in the budget right now. Something that can tide you over for a season are space heaters. In fact, one of the benefits of using them is that you can put the heaters in the rooms that you are actually occupying, which can actually save you money on energy costs.

First make sure your house is free of air leaks. Enlist the help of a pro team like DePalma Roofing to inspect your roof and siding to seal up any spots that would let cold air in. The next step is to do some insulating. In order to prevent the cold from creeping indoors, it’s important that you make sure your home is well-insulated. Check your attic to make sure that the insulation up there is 12″ thick. Cover your pipes (especially the ones in the kitchen, bathroom and basement) with fiberglass or foam insulation.


Tips to maintain the Aluminium Sliding Doors

Tips to maintain the Aluminium Sliding Doors

Now a day’s people are showing interest about interior designing of their homes. There are various kinds of furniture and stylish window as well as door frames are used in the houses People uses various kinds of designer doors in order to give new definition to their homes. Amongst which aluminum sliding doors holds special place for the interior decoration.

These aluminum sliding doors is very much important as it is attractive as well as catchy. These doors are user friendly and are easy to operate. When it comes for the sliding door framing, aluminum is one of the most used materials that are used for framing the sliding door. However, it should be remembered that not only a proper installation is good enough; rather maintaining the door after a certain while is very much required as well.

Steps for maintaining the aluminum sliding doors:

When it comes for maintaining the aluminum sliding doors, one should pay close attention to the processes because of its importance. Improper maintenance cannot be appropriate enough to offer durability to the sliding doors. As far as the maintenance is concerned, there are several simple steps that should be followed and these are

Cleaning of surface

One of the most important steps in maintains the aluminum sliding door is cleaning the door so that glasses should retain their visibility. It is always suggested that the aluminum sliding doors should be cleaned with the warm and hot water so that all kinds of dirt get removed. As the doors are exposed outside, dust and dirt are very likely to be gathered on the surface. So, if the cleaning is done on regular basis, one can have a resplendent sliding door.

It is to be kept in mind that after using any kind of liquid cleaning material that are perfect to be applied on glass and aluminum, it should be rinsed off properly. One should remove the water with dry towel for better results subsequently. However, liquids that are used for cleaning the surface should be devoid of any kind of chemical that is harmful for the glass and aluminum.

Cleaning of the frame

When it comes to the cleaning the frames and the panels of the sliding door, one should use the vacuum that will be removing the dirt by suction process and giving it a dust free look. As the sliding doors are movable because of the wheels featured into it, every possible place of the channels and panels should be cleaned with water. One can opt for the water spray and usage of dry clothes afterwards for better and fast cleaning of the panels.

Lubrication of the panel

For the sliding to be working properly, one should ensure the lubrication of the panel on which the wheels move around. For lubrication, there are various kinds of oils that are available in the market and it is through the oils that one may choose to apply in the aluminium sliding doors that the doors are easily movable and do not get any hinder in the path of its movements.

Applying rust and corrosion resistance

For prevention of the rust and corrosion one should use the anti corrosion solution to the sliding doors. As there are also the chance of the getting rust in the course of time, rust resistances are recommended to apply whenever necessary. However, one should be careful enough to buy only the best in class product for effective result.

Checking for repairing

As there are various kinds of problems that can arise in the sliding door, a proper checkup can help prevent major problem so after a gap of two to three months essential maintenance and repairing is needed. In case of no other way a part of the aluminum sliding door scan fixed, replacement is what one should opt for.


The Conventional Incandescent Bulb

The Conventional Incandescent Bulb

It will soon disappear from stores, if not energy efficient. However, it has some advantages!

Advantages of conventional incandescent bulb:

  • A warm light for relaxation;
  • A continuous spectrum, so comfort for the visual system;
  • Instant start;
  • The ability to be used with a dimmer without damage;
  • It is silent, without oscillation or growl;
  • It contains no toxic or hazardous material;
  • It is found in a wide range of sizes, shapes and powers;
  • It heats! This is an advantage and a disadvantage winter summer.

Disadvantages of conventional incandescent bulb:

  • Its short life last from 1000 to 1200 hours. This partly explains its imminent demise. Its price is low (about $ 2 for a bulb base), but we must buy regularly.
  • Its fragility: it resents vibrations, surges, and high ignition / extinction regime.
  • 90% of the power is dissipated as heat (see above): it is therefore objectively ineffective, which is another reason for its demise.

Tips for getting exciting LED lighting option

Tips for getting exciting LED lighting option

LED lights have become increasingly popular for hydroponic growing in recent years. They are available from numerous online retailers, such as Dorm Grow. LED lights offer a number of distinct, compelling advantages over incandescent and compact fluorescent lighting (CFL) bulbs when it comes to indoor plant cultivation.

These advantages include dramatically lower energy consumption and a much lower heat signature. Like any methodology, though, knowing how to grow successfully with LED lights takes knowledge and a bit of trial and error. The following tips will help you get up to speed with this exciting lighting option.

Distance is Important

It is essential that your LED grow lights are mounted at the correct distance from your plants. Either too close or too far away will make successful growth all but impossible. As one would expect, the more intense a given light, the further you should keep it from the top of your plants. For instance, a relatively small, low-power 240 watt light should typically be positioned about 16 to 30 inches above the plants.

A 450 watt light should be kept at a distance of 20 to 30 inches. A 600 watt light should be elevated about 24 to 34 inches. Finally, a very large and intense 900 watt light needs at least 26 to 42 inches of clearance to avoid over-saturating your plants with radiation. Various LED hydroponic lights review resources can be accessed for further information.

Don’t Over Water

LED indoor grow lights produce dramatically less heat then conventional lights. This means that they won’t dry out the soil nearly as quickly. Consequently, the volume and frequency of watering should be scaled back considerably. This can take some getting used to for experienced growers, as it will probably feel like you’re not giving your plants sufficient water at first. Just be sure to remember that too much water is as bad as too little.

With a bit of time and practice, you’ll begin to develop a feel for how much water is required. Until your intuition adjusts, though, err on the side of caution. Wait until your soil feels mostly dry before adding more water.

Use a Power Stabilizer

Your LED grow lights are an investment. While they can easily last a very long time, it is important that you take care of them. Fluctuations in the amount of power delivered by your building’s electrical system can potentially damage your lights. A power stabilizer — also known as a surge protector — will prevent this from happening.


What to do if you have a gas leak?

What to do if you have a gas leak

Gas is mainly used for household heating; however it can be unsafe, even though it is considered to be inoffensive by most. This makes your home a possible hazard if the gas ever manages to seep. Gas leaks most commonly occur as a result of a damaged gas application in your home.

If you think you may have a gas leak or can smell gas then call the gas standby line ASAP. Allow the gas to outflow but opening all gaps and entrances. If you know how, switch off the gas at the mains. You shouldn’t touch anything else. An explosion can occur if switch appliances or light switches on or off.

Gas will blow up as soon as it comes into fire. Therefore, the worst thing you can do is to light a match, open a bare flame or smoke if you smell gas.

Don’t touch the application that is seeping gas. Even if it looks easy to repair, you may cause further disturbance to the leakage.

Loss of Gas Supply

Some works on the gas supply are vital. If your gas source is to be bothered you should receive and advanced notice from the gas engineers. However, no cuts will be made to your gas source over peak times. Disruptions will always be kept to a minimum.

Gas engineers may need to interrupt your gas services, due to; restraints on the system capacity and strain on the structure.

You will not be informed of disturbances to your gas supply if there is an emergency. However, in all other situations you will be informed. The gas source will also be restored as quickly as conceivable. If gas engineers do not meet these standards then you can claim reimbursement from your gas provider.

Carbon Monoxide Poisoning

Having your applications frequently checked by a Gas Safety Registered engineer is the best way to stop carbon monoxide poisoning. Death can occur as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning; however brain injuries are more common. Poorly maintained gas applications are the main cause of carbon monoxide poisoning in the UK.

If you live in lease accommodation, your landlord has a legal requirement to make sure all gas applications are in operational order.

Carbon monoxide’s existence can be detected, although it can never be seen, smelt, tasted or touched.

Signs of carbon monoxide’s presence are:

  • A cream/ginger gas flare instead of blue
  • Shaded brown marked parts on gas applications
  • A terrible smell or signs of burns
  • Gaps condensing more often than usual

A carbon monoxide alarm can detect its presence in your home. The alarm will change colour or make a noise to alert you. However, before buying one you should make sure that it can has been ratified by an official body.

Your native DIY store should stock a range of carbon monoxide alarms. The batteries must be verified monthly and altered when needed. The business will similarly recommend exactly how often you should change your device.

If the alarm detects that carbon monoxide is existing in your home you should abandon your household immediately.

There a high chance that there is carbon monoxide present in your home if everyone in your home is experiencing flu-like symptoms and they improve when they’re away from the home. Signs that you are suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning include; headaches, drowsiness, feeling weak, sickness, abdominal pains, chest pains and irregular actions.