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Hotels cash in on bi-folding doors


The winter period is a great time to start thinking about summer holidays. After a period of break for Christmas and a return to work, it is little wonder people look at this time of the year to plan some holiday sun. This coupled with wet weather that the UK always experiences, means that the summer sun is even more appealing.

Whilst you are looking at hotels, it is usual things such as value for money, what’s included, size of bedroom and, if you have children, the kids club options to allow you to chill as well. What you probably don’t think about is how the hotel is using doors and windows to create a sense of depth, size and space for you to enjoy your stay. Things such as enhanced natural light help to make you replaced and enjoy your holiday even more. The greater weather obviously helps too!

Most recently, Hotel Groups and Independent Hotels have been adding aluminium bi-folding doors to their buildings. More and more new hotels are having them fitted as standard, however older more established hotels are making changes from sliding or patio doors to this arrangement as well.

There are many reasons for this yet the main one is the sense of freedom they create. We all know that when we go on holiday the last thing we want to do is walk into a glass door and cause ourselves harm. With bi-folding doors, hotel managers can open up parts of the hotel for the free movement of people, allowing for hotel staff and guests to move from the inside the outside easily. In some hotels they like to keep the internal space cool using air con so if they want to do this they can then quickly close up all the doors.

Bi-folding doors have other major benefits too. Whilst they don’t have quite so much uninterrupted free glass as sliding doors, they do reduce the risk of small kids running into them quite so much. Moreover, the doors still allow copious amounts of natural light to flood into the building, helping to save money on electricity bills and giving everyone that great feeling when they wake up every morning.

An aside reason as to why more hotel groups are looking to add them to their offerings, is due to the fact that they are considered a higher end product. By installing these types of doors, you can quickly elevate your hotel to a more modern looking and stylish establishment. In a competitive marketplace with millions of hotels to choose from, making sure yours stands out for the right reasons is incredibly important.

So the next time you stay in a hotel, think about how they are using their windows and doors to improve your hotel experience. Obviously the personal touch and attention to details of the staff will make or break your holiday, but subliminally, the use of the doors and windows will ensure you wake up every day happy and can use the space in the hotel to you advantage.


When Should You Choose a Bi-Folding Door?

When deciding which type of door to use for your renovation project, you have many options. Yet your decision will affect how use the space both inside your home and in your garden. It is also likely to affect the way your property looks from both the inside and outside.

If you make the right choice, this could increase the asking price if and when you come to sell your home. With all of this in mind, the choice between a French, patio or bi-folding door is not one you should make lightly. Here is some information to help make your decision a little easier…


Deciding which doors to choose may well depend on the type of property you own. For example, many argue that French doors are most suited to period properties. This is because they can be customised with small window panes to reflect Edwardian, Victorian, or Georgian styles. If you are going for something that is truly authentic, then French doors may indeed be the best option.

However, despite being associated in the minds of many people with modern properties, bi-folding doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice on period homes. A bi-fold door will help to save space and offer the perfect solution to those looking to add subtle modern aesthetic touches which blend in well with their surroundings.


While French and sliding doors do offer different configuration options, bi-folding doors are much more flexible in this regard. They are available with varying numbers of door leaves. You can customise the door leaves to open in one direction, or to open in the middle of the opening. In fact, a bi-folding door gives you many other options. It can also be designed to fold inwards or outwards, and you can place it in bay or corner areas.


A big difference between French, sliding and bi-folding doors is their frames. French and sliding doors tend not to lie flush to the ground. This creates a step which can act as a tripping hazard. The step can also create a noticeable separation between the inside and outside of your property.

Bi-folding doors are the only option that offers a level threshold option and lies almost flush to the floor. This removes any danger of tripping due to the lack of a step effect. Choosing a bi-folding door will remove any such barrier and offer a seamless transition between the inside and outside of your property. While this can make it easier for rainwater to sweep inside your property, you can avoid this by ensuring that the floor outside your property slopes away from the door.


French doors are the cheapest option, whereas a bi-fold door is the most expensive to install. This is due to the fact that they are larger and have more leafs. Yet many believe bi-folding doors are well worth the extra money because they add greater curb appeal to a home, as well as being much more practical. In many cases, this makes the addition of a bi-folding door a very wise investment.

So if you are looking to add aluminium doors to any renovation project, make sure you do not inhibit the use of the space by getting the wrong ones.