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Tesla says the batteries and solar point the way to a cheaper electricity in 10 years

Tesla says the batteries and solar point the way to a cheaper electricity in 10 years

Energy storage technology is one of the keys to popularize solar power generation and is the point at which the chief technology based Tesla to lecture about this type of clean energy.

JB Strauble, TCO Tesla, took voice at the conference to discuss the virtues of lithium-ion battery as the energy storage is vital for solar and wind power, as dusk falls over the horizon and the wind stops rising.

Energy storage projects need not always be paired with renewable energy. Certain operators in California and the eastern United States are buying these storage systems to improve the efficiency of their power grids.

Moreover Strauble kept that battery costs will fall faster than expected, and so will the demand for energy storage equipment, which will be on par with solar panels. The combination will create a cheaper electricity than current fossil fuels taken.

10 years is what gives Strauble to have cheap electricity to energy independence as seen above.

This prediction is based on Tesla’s own plans to create a factory-ion high capacity batteries in Nevada that will begin to produce these products for next year. The factory is designed to increase its production capacity to 50 g W hours annually by 2020, enough to make them work 500.00 Tesla cars.

Tesla is still on everyone’s lips since May unveiled two options as batteries for home , one for home and one for larger business facilities. The version for housing has been designed especially to fit snugly in the corner of a garage. Even as recently learned has increased the storage capacity for the same price.


Plant-e, or how to produce electricity through the plants

Plant-e, or how to produce electricity through the plants

A Dutch company intends to produce electricity by installing electrodes on the ground full of water where plants adapted to this type of growing medium. Although efficiency is still weak, this invention called Plant-and could transform the rice electricity production units.

A paddy day and night could produce enough electricity to power a remote village in Southeast Asia. This dream takes shape in the Netherlands, where scientists develop a system that generates power by plants growing in media saturated with water.

Founded in 2009, Plant-e markets and perfects an imagined by scientists at the University of Wageningen and patented in 2007.

This device produces electricity by little it is through plants growing in a water-saturated medium system, a large scale, such as in a rice field or a jar filled with water in the garden could be a quite effective method.

The technology relies on photosynthesis by the plant and used by which this occurs specifically organic matter. The surplus is removed on the ground by the roots, through which live microorganisms that feed and release electrons. Placing electrodes carbon close to the roots, these electrons can collect and generate power.