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Home’s Exterior Painting Tips

Home’s Exterior Painting Tips

Exterior coatings can freshen up home’s exterior look and make it beautiful. However, special attention must be given to color selection and surface preparation for better outcome.

Paintings can provide durability to home’s exterior and protect it from severe weather conditions, dirt, algae, termites, chalking, flaking, mold, and mildew. In addition, you can also increase the value of your property through attractive coatings, and make your house cool with reflective paints on roofs.

However, you should carry few necessary preparations for getting the best result from your color scheme. Planning and Preparing are two necessary steps for obtaining desired outcome from exterior painting.


There are wide varieties of colors available in the market. All colors have their own beauty and charm. If you are finding it difficult to choose any particular paint color for your exterior, you can visit your neighborhood or other areas for a glimpse of painted houses to pick the right color.

Coatings on these houses can give you an idea regarding the color shades that will look good on your house. The other way for your color selection is color testing on a slab of foam core and putting it on the wall. You can also paint one foot by one foot inconspicuous area on the cleaned surface of the wall with different color samples for color selection.

There are painting supply companies like Kangaroo Paint Company and others, who can supply you quality and variety paints that meet all your coloring needs.

Once you choose the color shade, you must select the type of paint you should use. While deciding the color type, you should remember that the overall performance and durability of color is vital for your painting project. You should buy colors that have algae, mold, mildew, and moss resistance. It should provide better color finish, long lasting, and resist fading in a short time.

In addition, if you are not hiring any professional for painting, but painting on your own, you should get colors that are easy to apply. Weather also plays a role in painting because color performance can be affected by rains, moisture, just after rains or when it is hot.

Surface Preparation

The next step requires preparing the surface. This process is also vital for any exterior coating. You must first scrub the surface with a wire brush and scraper to make the surface smooth. You can use caulk, putty, and exterior masonry fillers to hide nails and screw holes, cracks, and imperfections.

You can also light sand the surface for better adhesion and color finish. Once you complete preparing the surface, you can apply a primer on the surface before coating. Primer can give you better adhesion, color finish, and durability.