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A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house surrounded by water to save energy

A house with walls full of water : this is the idea that has proven a Hungarian architect. The thermal inertia and power insulation of these panels reduce energy consumption much.

“Imagine a building without insulation, but whose interior benefits from an ideal thermal balance thanks to the properties of water, “sums Matyas Gutai, 34, who develops his project and registered the patent, step by step, for 10 years.

Far from Geneva, where he has just negotiated a preliminary agreement preparatory to the Paris conference on climate (cop21) end of the year, the inventor has built a prototype in his hometown, Kecskemet, south of Budapest.

Most building walls are glass panels folded, the intervals are filled with water. Exposed to the sun, they absorb heat. The water restored when the weather turns cold, like a convector.

The need for sources of heat outside, and hence power consumption, are limited. The concept of “home water” provides excellent insulation, even though the walls measured only five centimeters thick a savings supplementary, this time in building materials.