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France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

France decreed that new roofs should be covered by plants or solar panels

All new buildings in commercial areas around the country must meet a new legislation for the environment, and this is that they should be partially covered by plants or solar panels under a law that was passed last Thursday.

Green roofs cause an insulating effect to help reduce the amount of energy required to heat a building in winter and cool in summer.

They also retain rainwater which helps that collect in their leaves, except that also promotes biodiversity and gives the birds a place to build their nests in the urban jungle.

The law passed by parliament has been more limited than initially wanted activists in environmental wanting the whole entire surface of the new constructed buildings cover. The Socialist government activists convinced that the only limit is made in the buildings of shopping areas.

The other option they have planted new buildings in commercial areas is that instead of placing plants, can choose to install solar panels to produce electricity. And what would these green roofs are quite popular in other countries like Germany and Australia , and even in Toronto, Canada City, where a new law enacted in 2009 that required in new buildings for residential and industrial purposes.

Some green roofs that give another color to the gray that dominates the city and that takes part of that same color of life that makes both these fa├žades lack coloring horizon lines and those that are lost among skyscrapers and tall buildings. A decree which we hope will spread over countries like our own. Greener Madrid is needed. We expect changes.