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Samso, the Danish island of green energy

Samso, the Danish island of green energy

The Vikings, master of the winds, made this island in the middle of Denmark, a strategic place. They built a canal and a castle, from where they controlled the security of the island. Their descendants planted the masts of the wind on land and on water.

Samso today noted for its clear commitment to green energy. Its electricity comes from wind fighting on the island without a break, and heat from the sun, wood or straw. But still he wants to go further, eliminating fuel fossil their transport.

From the airport of Copenhagen, take the train to approach the coast, before embarking on one of the two daily ferries to the island 28 km long and 7 km at its narrowest part. Approaching the coast, sunset, ten perceive turbines placed on water. After eleven blades mills wind scattered over the low houses with thatched roofs.

This is how Samso has changed the course of their destiny. “It all started in 1997, has Michael Kristensen, a former carpenter converted to alternative energies. The Danish government started racing five islands, with a roadmap: to become self-sufficient in ten years, thanks to a 100% renewable resources. Our project won”.