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Tesla will double the output of its powerwall no change in price

Tesla will double the output of its powerwall no change in price

Tesla Motors held its annual meeting at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View. During his presentation, Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, Tesla announced that it will double the output of its powerwall, the storage system for homes, 7 kW to 5 kW peak and continuous value.

The best thing about this announcement is that Musk confirmed that the price will remain the same, $ 3,000 for the version of 7 kWh (daily cycle) and $ 3,500 for 10,000 kWh (weekly cycle). It significantly improves the offer for one of the energy storage devices has been news in recent months.

Tesla offers two versions of its battery system powerwall. The first 7 kWh is ready to be downloaded on a daily basis so that the user can take advantage of the photovoltaic installation on the roof or to manage the use, especially if you have a rather special electric bill. Another advantage would be to have several powerwall, but here the price would rise.

10 kWh the system serves as a backup system for certain circumstances such as the case of a blackout, even if the battery is designed to weekly cycles for 10 years.

Musk admitted that one of the biggest complaints was that a 2 kW continuous output is not sufficient for the needs of a user with your home. So you have heard these complaints and have adjusted supply about 5 kW.

Tesla hopes that this change will enable the general adoption of this type of energy storage at a level that helps users to be energy independent. Aside from having its great importance for certain companies that are reaching important agreements with Tesla to be equipped with this energy storage system that has surprised both friends and strangers.