Earth Moving Basics: Choosing the Right Equipment to Save Time and Money

With so many different types of vehicles available, getting it right is often the difference between profit and loss, and the wrong choice can not only be costly, it can be very time consuming. If one is not in the construction business, many of the machines will be unfamiliar, so here is a short guide to help with the selection process.

If in doubt, talk to the experts

Rather than make a bad choice, a quick chat with an earthmoving equipment hire company will pay dividends. If one lives in Australia, and requires equipment hire, Total Plant Hire are suppliers of heavy-duty earthmoving equipment who can advise on the right type of machine, and provide a well-maintained vehicle for either long or short-term hire.

Time is money

In the construction business, things are co-ordinated, and any delays add to the budget. By hiring the right equipment from an established supplier, one has the back up and support should a machine breakdown. The vehicles would be well maintained, and with a team of technicians on hand to keep the machine working, the schedule will not be affected by an equipment malfunction.

The size of the job

The first thing is to look at what must be removed, and how much of it there is, so for smaller projects, perhaps a single wheel loader with a tipper truck would be sufficient. For large projects where the machinery is working continuously, the size and design of equipment can make a big difference in performance, and over a long period of time, that can really add up.

The importance of maintenance

Long term contracts require a team of technicians to perform regular maintenance that ensures smooth operation. Hydraulic fluid must always be kept to the required levels, and any leaks should be immediately repaired. The complexity of earthmoving machines demands a qualified technician to maintain the vehicle, and by hiring, one can focus on other aspects of the project, knowing the equipment is always ready for work.

Online help

For someone who is unsure about what equipment they need, there are online suppliers that will ask a few questions about the project, and are able to recommend the ideal solution. An established company would have depots across the country, with mobile service teams who can attend to emergency call-outs at any time of day or night.

Cost efficiency

On large-scale mining projects, the aim is to move as much material as possible, within a safe working environment, and the choice of equipment plays a large part in maximising efficiency. Mining companies are always looking for ways to save a little here and there, so they will consider the performance factors when choosing the equipment.

An established plant hire company can provide the most cost-effective solutions that enable a business to keep costs down, while increasing performance and output.

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