The Top Advantages of Bespoke Wardrobes You should Know about

Bespoke wardrobes have easily become a more popular alternative to traditional wardrobes or store-bought cabinets or wardrobes that are, realistically speaking, not really suited to many of our needs when it comes closet space and organisation. With a bespoke wardrobe, you can have a wardrobe of your choosing, a wardrobe that fits your precise requirements. But what exactly can you expect from a bespoke wardrobe, and what are its top advantages? Let’s find out.

A more efficient use of space

Fitted wardrobes or bespoke wardrobes have one singular advantage: they can help you maximise space, making it more efficient. The efficiency of custom-made wardrobes is often misunderstood, however – some people assume they’re only good if you have a lot of space. This isn’t true at all, as bespoke wardrobes can be made to fit into the tightest or most awkward of spaces, such as alcoves, lofts, or L-shaped corners. Additionally, bespoke wardrobes are not only efficient when it comes to the space of the room – they are also efficient when it comes to internal space usage. With a bespoke wardrobe, you’ll be able to maximise the interiors according to your liking, whether you need extra drawers or shelves, more space for shoes, or a special drawer for cuff links, belts, or jewellery.

A fully customised wardrobe 

A bespoke wardrobe is fully customised, which means that a wardrobe designer will speak with you and take all your preferences into consideration. Do you have more formal clothes than casual clothes? Then you can have a wardrobe which can fit more clothes in hangers. Do you have a lot of accessories and jewellery? Then you can benefit from a greater number of drawers. The possibilities are endless.

What’s more, if you would like a wardrobe designed for two (for you and your spouse or partner), you can both choose your preferred style and compartmentalisation. You can choose to have customised heights for your shelves or drawers which are perfect for various items of clothing or accessories.

The best style and design 

Bespoke wardrobes can be made according to your taste as well as the theme of your bedroom or home. For instance, if you want something more sleek, modern, and stylish, then this can easily be done with a glossy or even mirrored finish and contemporary materials such as acrylic complete with elegant sliding doors. Or, you can opt for a more traditional design in wood for your built in wardrobes if you have a classic-themed or country-style bedroom or home.

A bespoke wardrobe can also come with other features such as customised lighting, which can be integrated into the wardrobe. One tip: if you want a dramatic look to showcase your clothes, you can go for LED strip lighting, which is both attractive and energy-efficient as well.

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