Recycling or Landfill: Which one is the better option for Old Computers?

The modern age has bestowed us with many gifts! One of them is the awe-inspiring computers! Remember there was a time, when computers used to occupy a whole room. You didn’t know that? Well, it is true! But, we have moved forward from there. Today the technology has been integrated into something as small as an iPad. Slowly people are moving into smaller homes and feel the need for having smaller computers! So, laptops are gaining popularity.


Even business owners are looking for space saving computers! Are you thinking about the same thing? Good, but what about your old computer? There is one thing that you could do! Recycle the computer. It is a great way to help Mother Earth. Read up on computer recycling from Wikipedia!  You get a new laptop and the old large computer is off your hands!

Why not just throw the Old Computers in a Landfill?

When you get ready to replace your old computer, do you feel guilt building up? Guilt of adding to pollution! You need not worry about that anymore. Many companies like AWA Refiners, are ready to help you and reduce your guilt. They deal in various kinds of metal and computer parts. When they take away the tension of adding to pollution level of earth, you will automatically feel excited about your new laptop.

Here are some logical reasons for opting for recycling and not dumping the computer in a landfill:

  1. Conservation of Natural Resources: Do you have any idea about how much resources are wasted on producing a new piece of electronic equipment? It is a lot! Natural resources are depleting fast; and by throwing away recyclable computers into landfills, we help increase the depletion rate. In fact, natural resources depletion is quite alarming! The recycling companies help refurbish usable parts of your old computer. These can then be used for producing new electronic devices. This reduces the need for using natural resources.
  1. Support for the Local Community: Some recycling companies refurbish your old computer completely (if possible)! These are lower in cost and can be used by families with low income as well as charitable organizations. Just imagine! You will not only be doing good deed for Mother Nature, but as well as the community. You are providing the right to technology for many, by giving up your old computer.
  1. Jobs for People: The more computers there are to recycle, the more people will get jobs. Some aspects of a recycling plant needs human labour. Not all the tasks can be automated completely. So, when you decide to send your computer for recycling, you are helping generate a job. If you have some friends who are looking to upgrade their computer and laptop, motivate them to recycle their computers. Business owners can do the same!
  1. Monetary Gain: The computer recycling companies offer competitive prices for old computers! So, your good intentions will not go unrewarded. You will receive a good amount of money for your computer/computers!

Should Businesses think of Computer Recycling? 

All companies need computers! If you are a business owner, then you must want the latest technology for your business. This means you need to look for latest computers or laptops. So, what do you do with the old units? Most companies either dump them out or throw them in storage. Do not commit these mistakes.

If one computer could do so much good, then imagine what your boatload of old computers could do! It could even earn your business a good name. Imagine the smile on the faces of people, when they receive one of your computers. Of course after they have been refurbished!

You will find new technology, save Mother Nature from pollution, aid in serving the local community and generate jobs for many people! You have to agree that so many benefits make recycling the best option!

Being a business owner, you have some duties towards the community and the planet! Who knew that you could complete a part of them so easily? All you need to do is find a reputed recycler, who recycles computer parts responsibly.

How do you do that? Simple, you need to conduct some research. Speak to local recyclers, have a look at their website and decide whether they are worthy of your trust. You could also talk to colleagues and other business owners, who recycled their computers! Recycle old computers and make the world greener and cleaner!

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