I have natural gas appliances can you service me?

Yes we can! Coastal Energy services all natural gas appliances along with liquid propane. If you have a leak or can smell natural gas please call us today so we can find the leak.

I smell gas around my appliance, what should I do?
The first thing you should do is cut off your gas line. Typically this is found next to your gas meter generally located outside of your home or business. The next thing you need to do is call us so we can find the leak. Having even a small leak can be extremely dangerous so be sure to get it checked out immediately.

I’m located in Georgetown, SC can you service my propane needs?
Yes, we provide services to all of Horry and Georgetown county. Call us today to us for a quote on how much it will be to get liquid propane to you.

I turn on my appliance yet it doesn’t come on, why?
More then likely you are out of gas. Be sure to check your propane tank gauge and see if it is filled. One of the many services we offer is monthly checkups to ensure you will not run out of gas. Call today for our pricing.

Can you automatically fill my propane tank or do I have to check it?
Yes we can! We have an autofill program that ensures that you never run out of propane. We will come by periodically and monitor your tank levels and fill it up as needed.